Essential oils work in various parts of the body, be it around your head and neck, torso, or legs. Yet, applying essential oils on the sole or feet is one of the most ideal ways for the oil to work and cure any issues within the body. Though it may seem odd, using essential oils for feet can go a long way in the health of one’s mind and body.  These are some specific reasons as to why you should apply essential oils on your sole.

Effective in Providing Fast Results

The area in the body that has larger pores than other parts is the sole of our feet. This means that all the properties and nutrients from the essential oils are more likely to be absorbed faster there.

For instance, just like drinks that come with larger straws than normal straws, the larger straw sucks in more of the drink than a small straw.

Thus, this would also result in the pain within the body curing effectively and quickly, since the healing properties of the essential oils are able to reach the area of pain faster.

Lesser Chance of Irritation

The sole on our feet is built sturdier and can take more damage or hurt in the skin, than other areas of the body as they are more sensitive in nature.

Therefore, if one applies any essential oil on their sole, their feet will face lesser irritation in comparison to if they apply essential oils on other parts of their body.

This also paves the way for an opportunity of applying stronger essential oils like peppermint or oregano, or any other essential oil without dilution.

Reflexology of the Sole

Looking at the medical side of things, professionals of reflexology have stated that every never in your body ends at the feet and that some parts of the feet are connected to some organs. This means that it would be more effective and beneficial to use essential oils on the sole.

To further prove this, a study that was done on foot reflexology has scientifically proven that it can greatly help relieve both pain and anxiety associated with cancer. Another study that was done showed that it can reduce the pain of menstrual cramps/symptoms for women.

Non-Sebaceous Area

The feet are one of the two places where it does not contain sebum glands. Sebaceous glands are glands found along the body which produces lubricant to moisturize the hair on the skin.

These lubricant-like substances hinder the absorbance of essential oils in the skin. Thus, the absorption of essential oils when applied on the sole is more rapid than any other areas in the body, making it the perfect place for any essential oils.

Spiritual Reasons

Besides all the scientific facts and numbers, a spiritual reason behind why it is better to apply essential oils on the feet is because the feet have a strong connection to the Earth. Going back to ancient culture, the feet have always been placed on a high pedestal when it comes to treatment.

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