Black pepper is known to enhance the taste of any dish. That’s the reason why it is a staple in every kitchen. But aside from brightening up our every meal, it is also known for its medicinal properties and can also be used as an ingredient in perfumes. did you know that in the past decades, studies have been focusing on the benefits of black pepper as an essential oil?  It is found to reduce body aches, improve blood circulation and address various concerns.

For the longest time, essential oils play a big role in aromatherapy to improve overall physical and mental health. While black pepper essential oil may be taken internally, you can inhale it directly from the bottle, use a diffuser or apply topically during your aromatherapy sessions. Below, let us take a look on the best aromatherapy uses of the black pepper essential oil.

Applying Black Pepper Essential Oil Topically

Black pepper essential oil has a lot of topical uses to promote overall physical wellbeing. You can apply black pepper oil on affected areas to relieve muscle injuries or tendonitis.  You may also use it to treat arthritis and rheumatism by spreading two to three drops on the affected area.

Black pepper essential oil is also used to improve circulation by mixing three to five drops to a warm compress and putting it on the abdomen. Topical application of two to three drops of black pepper essential oil to the chest can aid in clearing congested airways. When you want to detoxify but do not opt to take the essential oil internally, you may massage two to three drops on each sole of your feet. Take caution when using black pepper essential oil topically since it can cause irritation when used in high doses. Thus, you have to consider mixing it to carrier oils to reduce the adverse reaction.

Inhaling Black Pepper Essential Oil

As a part of your aromatherapy session, you may put black pepper essential oil in your diffuser to relieve various respiratory concerns. For your emotional wellbeing, this essential oil is also helpful in reducing feelings of nervousness and anxiety when diffused or inhaled directly from the bottle.

Black Pepper Essential Oil as Aromatherapy Treatment for Cigarette Craving

Some studies explored the effectiveness of integrating black pepper essential oil as part of the aromatherapy treatment of individuals who are on their way to quit smoking. The studies have found that this essential oil, when inhaled or diffused, creates a warm sensation in the chest and throat, which curbs cigarette cravings. This is helpful in promoting an easier way for individuals to quit smoking.

Where Can You Buy Black Pepper Essential Oils?

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