A lot of essential oil adherents are reluctant to talk to their doctors about their usage, and this is understandable. The mainstream medical establishment is known for its frequent rejection of alternative medicine and therapies, and while some of this criticism is legitimate, in other cases it isn’t. Below are some reasons why you should be transparent with your doctor regarding your use of essential oils.

Your Doctor Can Give Further Recommendations

It is recommended to bring your essential oils to appointments so that your doctor can learn more about them. They might be able to give some helpful advice on how these oils can be used, and if the doctor has an open mind, he or she may decide to purchase their own and try them out. Bringing your oils or butters will also allow you to gauge the doctor’s reaction; to determine if they are open minded about the subject. If they aren’t, this is a sign that you should probably choose another doctor.

It Creates The Opportunity For Greater Collaboration

To ensure you and your family stay as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, it is important to work closely with your doctor. The best way to do this is through open communication regarding any alternative medicine you’re using. It is wise to look for a physician that is experienced with essential oils, and who perhaps uses the oils themselves. When this knowledge is combined with their traditional medical background, you will have a doctor that can give you outstanding advice on the best oils to use and when.

It Ensures That You Don’t Mix And Match The Wrong Products

There are dozens of essential oils available on the market, from lemon to orange, grapefruit, lavender, rose, and too many others to list here. When you combine this with the fact that there are hundreds of prescription medications distributed by doctors, with lots of different ingredients, this creates a potentially hazardous situation if the wrong essential oil is combined with the wrong medication. Being open with your doctor about the oils you’re using and the ingredients they contain can ensure the doctor can prescribe you traditional medications which are compatible with the oils, which won’t cause any adverse side effects.

It Expands The Knowledge Of The Doctor And Your Own

Despite the fact that doctors spend over a decade in medical school and residency, this doesn’t mean they are all knowing, and the wisest doctors recognize this and keep an open mind. Many of the major diseases that mankind suffers from are still incurable, which means the medical establishment’s understanding of the human body and disease itself is limited. A doctor who chooses to learn more about essential oils and their potential applications will expand their horizons, and can offer additional help and guidance to their patients.