Many of us have been conditioned to believe that sweating is a bad thing. But in truth, there is a reason why we do it, and research shows that the more often it occurs, the healthier we tend to be, especially when it is combined with the usage of essential oils and butters such as Kokum.  Below are some reasons this is the case.

Why Do We Sweat?

The answer to this question may seem simple, but it is actually quite complex. Each human being has roughly four million glands which are associated with sweat, which excrete a combination of amino acids, water, proteins and salt. The specific composition will vary from one person to another, and the manner in which your glands function is an indicator of how healthy you are. The composition of sweat may alter based on the toxins which are present in the body, and whether a disease is present. This means that the human body recognizes which proteins should be increased to eradicate whatever ailment is present. The main reason sweating occurs is so that the body can regulate its temperature. It is a mechanism for cooling due to anxiety of stress, which tends to raise the body’s core temperature.

What Benefits Are Gained From Sweating?

The first benefit of sweating regularly is that endocrine disruptors are removed from the body. BPA in particular is a disruptor commonly found in plastics which has a number of hazardous effects which are neutralized through sweat. Other endocrine disruptors which will be removed include PCB, or Polychlorinated Biphenyls, which are used in older construction materials.

Another key advantage of regular sweating is the detoxification of heavy metals. Studies have shown that those with dangerous levels of mercury within their bodies were able to remove it through sweating, which is also capable of removing things such as cadmium, lead and arsenic. This is important in areas of the world which experience high levels of pollution resulting from industrial activity. Those who live in such areas, but who exercise and sweat regularly will be more resilient than those who don’t.

Finally, sweating will help you develop more attractive skin. As with the gut, the skin has a micro biome balance. This means your sweat can function as a type of prebiotic which will assist in the presence of healthy bacteria on the surface. Furthermore, it will enhance the turnover of skin cells while simultaneously removing bacteria which is pathogenic and associated with conditions such as acne. Aside from environmental pollution, those who sweat regularly seem to have greater protection against microbes in general. One reason for this is because sweat is comprised of proteins which are antimicrobial in nature and which have the distinct characteristic of being able to bind to some viruses or bacteria. This basically means that germs will be attacked while toxins will be flushed out.