Summer comes with many fun outdoor activities like swimming and surfing, but it also comes with a hoard of nasty insects like mosquitoes. With these little pests back in town, we will probably find ourselves with itchy, painful, red bumps from mosquito bites again. Most of us turn to insect repellants to ward them off, but before you do so, you may want to consider a natural insect repellant in the form of essential oils.

While they do not kill the insects, essential oils repel mosquitoes and are quite effective in doing so. Here are some of the best essential oils that deter mosquitoes.

Citronella Oil

One of the most popular essential oils used as an insect repellent, citronella oil is extracted from the citronella plant. It can be found in various products such as candles, and is an effective mosquito repellent, as mosquitoes have a natural aversion to this scent. Citronella oil can also repel other pests such as fleas, flies, and others.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Derived from lemon eucalyptus trees, lemon eucalyptus oil has a strong woody and citrusy smell. While we may love the scent, the mosquitoes hate it. The strong smell confuses the mosquitoes’ sense of direction and taste, which effectively prevents the mosquito from reaching you. Additionally, eucalyptus oil can also act as an antiseptic to soothe itches from bites.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass essential oil is extracted by steam-distilling the leaves from the lemongrass plant. It contains citronellol and geraniol, which deters a wide range of insects including mosquitoes. It also has a bright and fragrant aroma that is quite pleasant to diffuse at home.

Plant Guru offers Lemongrass Essential Oil that comes in 5 different sizes. This all-natural product known for its invigorating properties can soothe muscle pain and keep the mosquitoes away. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of lemongrass oil, you can purchase it from our online shop.

Peppermint Oil

Most people, children included, love the refreshing fragrance of peppermint. When applied topically, the cooling sensation of peppermint oil can also soothe itching from mosquito bites. When diffused, peppermint oil is very effective at repelling mosquitoes. The minty scent of peppermint oil is produced by menthol, which flying insects universally dislike.

How to Use These Essential Oils

There are several different ways you can use these essential oils to protect you and your family from mosquitoes.

  1. Diffuse

This is the most effective method for indoor or enclosed spaces. Mix a few drops of each essential oil and add them into an essential oil diffuser, then turn it on and let it take effect.

  1. Spray

For outdoor spaces where a diffuser may not work as well, spraying the oils is a good alternative. Add a few drops of the essential oils, and fill up the rest of the spray bottle with water to dilute the blend. Shake it well before spraying on your bedsheets, curtains, and clothing.

  1. Topical Application

Essential oils can also be applied to your skin as an insect repellant. However, to do so, you will first need to dilute the oil by mixing it with a base oil such as coconut oil. We suggest using the ratio of 3 drops of essential oil with 30ml of carrier oil base.