Most people recognize that a sauna session after a tough workout routine is a wonderful way to soothe muscles which are tired. However, one of the latest trends in the wellness industry is the usage of saunas that utilize infrared light, as opposed to classical saunas which consist of steam baths. How effective is it, and is it worth the hype?

How Infrared Saunas Work

Traditional saunas heat the surrounding air through the usage of steam. Infrared saunas, on the other hand, utilize IR lighting which are far more efficient to heat the body, so that about ninety percent of heat absorption occurs. This means that the heat will penetrate further than heat from steam, approximately 1.5 inches further into the tissue, whereas steam rarely does much more than affect the skin’s outer layer.

The effectiveness of infrared saunas is supported by scientific research. A number of studies were conducted on men who used it as a recovery tool after both endurance and strength workouts. It was found that not only are infrared saunas a relaxing experience, those who set in them using a minimum temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit with lighter humidity of 25 percent greatly assisted the men in recuperation. This is largely attributed to the deeper penetration of the heat.

Additional Facts And Benefits Associated With Infrared Saunas

The second key benefit of IR saunas is their ability to detoxify the body, which is similar to some essential oils. While traditional steam saunas are also capable of doing the same things, their newer counterparts are far more effective. The reason for this effectiveness is because Infrared heat is the same type of energy which is distributed through sunlight.

As the IR light and energy creates more body heat, you will begin to sweat, which will result in the release of toxins by your body. It will improve the quality of your skin, especially when used with butters such as mango. Although the heat will enter your body, it will not dramatically heat the surrounding air, which means that body temperature will rise quickly without the surrounding air being affected, which actually makes it safer than classical saunas. Put another way, Infrared saunas provide all the benefits of sunlight without the hazardous side effects of UV radiation.

Because IR saunas tend to operate at temperatures which range from 110 degrees up to 140 degrees, they will keep your energy bills low, and will be tolerable to most users, especially those who are using a sauna for the first time. To give you an idea of how safe IR heat is this is the same heat that hospitals use to warm up babies that are born prematurely. While research of these saunas is still ongoing, all the exist research and data supports the evidence that they are step above their traditional steam counterparts, and will provide an array of benefits of those who use them, whether at home or in an spa setting.