Over the past decades, we’ve heard tons about beeswax and its use in various products. But did you know that there is a vegan substitute for it? This is known as candelilla wax, one is made from a shrub of the same name, which grows mainly in the northern part of Mexico and the southern part of America, most commonly in Texas. It was first used as a wax for candle making, thus getting the name candelilla, or little candle. The wax is obtained by boiling the leaves in acid-based water. During the process of boiling, the leaves secrete the wax, which floats on top then collected as is.

Candelilla wax is used to manufacture vegan personal care products such as lip care, hair care, skin care and a whole lot more. It acts as an emulsifier to prevent liquids and oils from separating from the rest of the products. It is also a popular ingredient for DIY personal care recipes.

Properties of Candelilla Wax

The color of candelilla wax varies from yellow to brown. It may be translucent or opaque, depending on the process of extracting. This vegan wax has a high melting point and is hard but brittle when solid. Candelilla wax is odorless.

How is it Different from Beeswax?

The most obvious difference of the two is that candelilla wax is vegan friendly while we all know that beeswax is derived from an animal, or to be more precise, an insect. Even when candelilla wax is more solid than beeswax, it melts quicker in high temperatures. The good thing about candelilla wax is that it isn’t only marketable to vegan people but also to individuals who have allergies either to bees, honey or pollen.

Candelilla is even easier to blend with fragrant oils and ingredients since it is odorless and will not overpower or contradict any of your desired scents. Best of all, you are sure that products made with candelilla wax are cruelty-free.

Benefits of Candelilla Wax

Apart from acting as an emulsifier, one can get tons of benefits from the use of candelilla wax. It is safer for the skin since it doesn’t contain harmful allergens, as it is plant-based. Candelilla wax can help soften and nourish the skin, that is why it is very popular in the production of body lotions and lip balms. This ingredient also helps in preventing premature aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines and age spots. Women also love products with candelilla wax since it lightens stretch marks and hydrates the skin.

Apart from skin care, candelilla wax is also found as a potent content in hair care products. It moisturizes dry scalp and helps lock in moisture to the hair. As a result, one will get a glossy mane for a great hair day, every day.

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