One thing that is absolutely undeniable in the world today is the increase in the use of essential oils. More and more, people are discovering a healthier lifestyle through the use of organic essential oils, body butters, carrier oils, and other 100% natural products. What’s more, there is no sign of this oil market slowing down in the near future.

The appropriate and safe use of essential oils, according to educated aromatherapists and other aficionados, can bring untold benefits. Some of these range from being powerful wellness supports to products that relieve headaches and/or encourage sleep.

But be forewarned – one side-effect of the popularity of today’s essential oils is proving to be marginally dangerous. That is, where the proper and safe use of these products is concerned, there’s a serious lack of education. They should be treated with care and caution because, even though they are from plants, they are highly concentrated.

When essential oils are in use, to keep your loved ones and yourself safer, consider the below-listed mistakes that are dangerous, but very common.

Mistake Number One: Disregarding General Safety Recommendations and Contradictions

One of the most dangerous mistakes is disregarding or being ignorant of basic safety information regarding the specific essential oils in question. Supplements and prescription drugs can have a reaction if combined with these oils. If used in excess, these products can cause adverse reactions. Those with weak immunity, the elderly, and children react differently to essential oils than do average adults. Always educate yourself as to the contra-indications and cautions surrounding the oil you are considering and utilize that knowledge to protect yourself and others.

Mistake Number Two: Incorrect Essential Oils Application

Though there are numerous uses for oils (they can be taken internally, inhaled, or applied to the skin), precautions should always be taken no matter what you are using them for.

Oral or internal use – Not all essential oils are suitable for oral application or administration. If you make the decision to use them orally, the following must be considered:

  • Duration
  • Concentration
  • Dosage

Using anything higher than the recommended dose of any oil can lead to poisoning or toxicity. Check with the doctor if you are planning on using a product orally.

When using them on skin – Do not use these oils in high concentrations. Consider doing a skin test before spreading these oils over a large area of skin, and always use dilution of some sort, such as carrier oils. The following steam distilled essential oils may cause mucous membrane irritation or skin irritation:

  • Lemongrass leaf
  • Clove stem, leaf, or bud
  • Cinnamon leaf and bark

When inhaling the fragrance of essential oils – Diffusing is the most recommended method through which you should inhale.

  • Always follow dilution guidelines.
  • Keep pets away from diffusers.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Use diffusers in areas that are well ventilated.

Mistake Number Three: Combining the Sun With Photosensitive Essential Oils

Some essential oils contain furocoumarins, so are referred to as photo toxic or photosensitive. Essentially, what this means is that, if you apply them directly to your skin, without the use of a carrier oil or some other type of dilution, and then go to a tanning bed or expose your skin to UV light, you could develop burns and possibly even risk skin cancer.

Essential oils that are photosensitive are as follows (though there are more):

  • Rue leaf
  • Mandarin leaf
  • Lime peel
  • Lemon peel
  • Grapefruit peel
  • Cumin seed
  • Bitter orange peel
  • Bergamot peel
  • Angelica root

With rare exception, a 2% mixture or less is recommended for skin use or application. Mixture: One fluid ounce of the chosen carrier oil to a dozen drops of your favorite essential oils.

At Plant Guru, we want you to enjoy using our 100% organic essential oils and benefit from them. It is for that reason we post pieces such as this – so you can learn from the information provided and be safer and healthier through the use of today’s natural products. Check out our vast array of essential oils, carrier oils, body butters, and more today.