Scented incense sticks have been used since before we can remember for a wide variety of purposes. Some of these purposes consist of simply aesthetic reasons, meditative, religious, or even cultural applications. By choosing to invest in high quality sticks, you not only can enjoy scents that can last longer, but a better overall quality for your aromatherapy. Scented incense sticks are known to provide pleasant scents that can relieve stress and depression. The fact is that we can manipulate our olfactory senses and enhance our moods with different kinds of aromas. There are many ways to use aromatherapy and incense in our daily lives. However, we need to be sure of maintaining safety and care in its usage.


By burning incense sticks, we can enjoy the aromas that come from the smoke which is produced. As such, when we are doing this, we should ensure that the room in which the burning is taking place is extremely well ventilated. If you were to do this in a place that is sealed off from outside air, you will find that the smoke produced might become way too suffocating. Although we might find these pleasant aromas extremely pleasing, too much smoke can cause respiratory problems and lead to other health issues with constant exposure.

Keep Children and Animals Away

If you want to be a responsible incense user, make sure that clueless pets and children stay away from the heat at all times. By ignoring these safety precautions, your kids and furry friends might get seriously injured from the burning and potentially lead to accidents in which the heat from the incense sticks cause everything in your home to catch fire. Furthermore, it is known that many animals are extremely sensitive to the smell of the burning and doing so in close proximity to them might cause distress. All you need is to place your sticks in a place that is inaccessible for them and you will be able to greatly reduce the risks of an accident.

How to Burn Safely

Firstly, you need to find a burner that can fit the size of your incense sticks so that it can collect any ashes that are created from the burning. If you cannot find a good burner that is suitable in size, you can improvise by trimming the incense sticks to the length that you want. When you burn a stick, ensure that a solid flame can be seen. See that the flame is burning for 3 or 4 seconds before you blow on it to extinguish it. What you want to observe is the end of a stick that is glowing red. The smoke should come out in a constant and beautiful flow. By following these steps, you can ensure that you are using these scented incense sticks the right way which will ensure the safety of everyone in your home, and an effective burning method. If you are thinking of getting some incense for your home, just go for it and you will not regret your decision!