Carrier oils are substances derived from plants that can be used to both heal and moisturize your skin. They can be used either individually or combined with other substances such as essential oils to produce the perfect effect. Here are some of the best carrier oils to help you achieve glowing skin.

Argan Oil

This oil is extracted from the nuts of fruit which is produced by the Argan Tree, which is native to Morocco.  It is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamin E and saponins, which plays an important role in softening the skin. Argan oil is prized for its age defying characteristics as it can substantially reduce wrinkles through the restoration of the hydro lipid layer of the skin. It can also cause the skin to become tighter, and it absorbs well into the skin without leaving behind the oily residue that is seen with other oils.

Evening Primrose

This carrier oil provides a variety of benefits to people with multiple skin types. It is rich in GLA or gamma linolenic acid and as such it can lower the clogging of pores through dissolving sebum and any other impurities which are present. It is the carrier oil of choice for anyone who is prone to acne or who has skin which is oily. Evening primrose also reduces inflammation which means lower redness.

Jojoba Oil

This carrier oil is popular for its ability to moisturize and heal the skin. While it appears to be typical oil at first glance, in fact it is a type of liquid wax which is derived from jojoba seeds which have been expeller pressed. Many have likened it to the sebum within human skin, and it can actually dissolve it while transporting essential ingredients. This carrier oil is light in weight and as such is readily absorbed by the skin and also displays potent anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Olive Oil

When most people think of this oil they think of salads and cooking, and it is very effective in this regard. However, olive oil has applications which extend beyond the kitchen. It contains an extensive amount of oleic acid which makes it ideal for those who are suffering from dry skin. Since it is heavy oil it will dry slower than other substances, and many of the olive oils sold in the U.S. are adulterated. It is essential to make sure you only purchase olive oil from a reputable manufacturer. Organic is always better than adulterated!

Rose Hip Seed

This is extremely powerful carrier oil that is preferred by many due to its ability to treat dry skin. It has both regenerative and nourishing characteristics and will make the skin tighter while enhancing elasticity. Rose hip seed oil is rich in a number of fatty acids which are essential to the human body and it will make the skin smoother and softer. It will also enhance the texture of the skin while lowering inflammation and redness, and has been successfully used in the reduction of scars.