Purity is one of the most important attributes of an essential oil. The best oils are those which are undiluted with 100 percent purity. To determine which oils meet these attributes and which do not, the GC/MS test was devised.

How This Test Works

This test measures both mass spectrometry and gas chromatography. Essential oils are derived from plants which are organic and as such they are comprised of chemicals which are natural. This test will separate and assess the chemicals which are present in an essential oil, as well as the range. A chemical’s range within the essential oil is the level of constituent within the sample.

Determining Purity Level

By reviewing a GC/MS report, you will be able to determine the purity level of oil, and you don’t need to have a degree in chemistry. You merely need to know how to make comparisons between the data of the product and the reports of other firms. You can also speak with a chemist or someone that specializes in aromatherapy. You want to look for oils which have few or no adulterants or synthetics.

However, just because an essential oil has minimal amounts of adulterants or synthetics doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Ascertaining the quality of essential oils can be quite challenging. Many aroma therapists themselves might not agree on the characteristics which make an essential oil high in quality. These substances are not held to any organized standard, but there are certain ranges where the constituents of oil may fall which make it more therapeutic than others. To determine this, it is best to research databases or books which are written regarding these products.

The Chemical Nature of Therapeutics

Most of the people who use essential oils want to determine the therapeutic attributes of a product before they buy it. This too can be accomplished by reviewing a GC/MS report. For instance, it is well known to Lavender oil enthusiasts that this oil can help those suffering from insomnia.

There are two ways in which the effectiveness of Lavender oil can be determined, and this is either through using it or assessing its constituents and determining how much linalool or linalyl acetate it contains (both of these have sedative characteristics). To get the best results when using these oils it is important to do your homework. An extensive amount of reading and research will be necessary.

The GC/MS report is extremely important, because it can give you an idea as to what a substance contains. As a consumer you want the purest products possible, and this report removes the guesswork which people had to use in the past. Essential oils have many benefits but low quality versions which are full of cheap chemical substitutes can cause harm if used. The more you know about the essential oils, the more you can make use of them to live a long, rewarding and healthy life. Analyze these reports and get help from others on anything you’re not certain about.