When it comes to the world’s great untapped resources, essential oils have to be near the top of the list. For centuries, the essences of various plants, herbs, fruits, and flowers have been used all over the planet for their health and medicinal purposes.

How Do We Obtain Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracted from sources such as plants as natural oils. They are commonly obtained through distillation. Depending on the source from which they are extracted, they will have its characteristic fragrance. Aromatherapy uses essential oils for purposes of healing. This is a holistic treatment that strives to improve emotional, mental, and physical health. You can enhance your psychological well-being, your beauty, and your overall health by incorporating aromatherapy into your everyday routine.

As essential oils go, there are over 90 in existence, each with their own benefits. Frequently, they are blended together to not only increase the benefits but for the purposes of dilution. We are going to look at the five most popular essential oils.

Tea Tree

Of the five, this is the least aromatically pleasing. The scent hints vaguely of turpentine or a medicinal quality. It is energizing, cooling, fresh, and strong however. Blend tea tree with essential oils such as lemon or lavender, and you improve its aromatic qualities immensely. “Nature’s First Aid Tree” – this is what many consider tea tree to be.

When it comes to infectious organisms, there are three basic varieties. They are fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Tea tree is effective against all of them!

Sweet Orange

In all the world, sweet orange is one of the most cultivated fruits. That’s exactly were these essential oils are derived from. They are zesty, citrusy, sweet, rich, bright, and very familiar. Use of these essential oils will instill a joyful feeling. They help ease depression, nervous tension, restlessness, irritability, they reduce anxiety, and lift the spirits. Depending on who is using them, they can be gently energizing… or relaxing.


Lemon essential oils are exceedingly loved throughout the world. One’s spirits can be immediately lifted, and you can feel more energetic, just through the cleansing, fresh, and brightly familiar scent of citrus. But these essential oils are also used to treat oily skin, bruises, cellulite, and edema through their diuretic and astringent properties. They also have strong antiviral and antibacterial characteristics to fight infection.


Peppermint pops! Its aroma is minty sweet, highly penetrating, clean, ultra-fresh, and unmistakable. It can assist in opening respiratory channels, so is extremely useful for lung congestion and sinus congestion. It can also be used for lethargy, mental fogginess, nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, and bad breath. Peppermint’s astringent action can help relieve inflammation, stressed ligaments or cramped muscles, migraines or tension headaches, and hot flashes.


Few among us have never smelled lavender. It is the absolute favorite essential oil of many with its woody- green undertone and floral, herbaceous, softly sweet aroma. So all-inclusive are lavender’s properties that it is considered a virtual medicine chest. It may be used undiluted if preferred and is known for the cooling, soothing, and calming effects that it promotes. If you choose to have only one essential oil at your disposal, this should be your choice.

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