Essential oils provide many benefits to the body and skin, and can be used in a variety of ways. These uses range from alleviating headaches and muscle pain to reducing insomnia and stress. Below are some of the most popular ways to use essential oils.

Topically Applying Essential Oils To The Skin

Essential oils are used to enhance the body’s healing process, allowing wounds to heal more effectively. They will also reduce scarring and will improve their appearance overall. When these oils are regularly applied to skin they will slow down its aging, making it look more youthful, firm and supple. The skin has immune cells, and when they come into contact with essential oils they will be strengthened. Essential oils will balance the production of sebum while also detoxifying the skin, enhancing its tone and promoting hydration.

Inhaling Essential Oils Through Steam

Another popular way of using essential oils is by inhaling them via steam. To do this, you would boil a pot of water and then place from three to seven drops of your preferred essential oil into it. Some of the best essential oils for this method include lemon, tea tree oil and eucalyptus. It is important to keep your eyes covered or closed while inhaling the vapors. Some of the benefits you’ll gain by using this method include reduced congestion (resulting from the flu or cold), enhanced respiratory system and a reduction of sinus infection.

Adding Essential Oils To Bathwater

When added to water while bathing essential oils provide many benefits. Just a few of these benefits include reduced stiffness and muscle pain, enhanced circulation, reduced physical and mental fatigue, improved skin tone and greater relaxation and stress reduction. To use this method, you will first want to combine between two and twelve drops of essential oils into a teaspoon which contains a dispersing agent. Some of the best dispersing agents are solubol, natural bath gel or polysorbate. Place it in the bath water and mix right before you enter.

Using Essential Oils In The Form Of An Aromatic Spritzer

An aromatic spritzer is created by mixing water with essential oils. A dispersant like solubol will then be used for the diffusion of the essential oils inside the water. Aromatic spritzers can also be used for the purpose of cleaning air or freshening up a room. This can provide an energizing and uplifting scent, particularly when you want to use the space for a massage or other procedures which are esthetic. To create it, you will want to place between ten and fifteen drops of essential oil (two or three different essential oils bring the best results) for each ounce of water. You would then shake the container before using it or you can use a dispersing agent.

Aromatic spritzers are highly effective at getting rid of undesirable odors, as well as freshening up the air in rooms, enhancing breathing and bringing about a more pleasant emotional state. They can also be used in the form of a body spray.