A lot has been written on essential oils, but the truth is that oftentimes they are only as good as the carrier oils that they are used with. To achieve the best skin care, you must understand skin types and oil basics, and below are a list of the top carrier oils and why you should have them in your collection.

Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip is amazing oil, particularly when it comes to the treatment of skin which is dry or aging. This is because it is incredibly nourishing and revitalizing. It is prized for its ability to enhance skin elasticity and it is also rich in fatty acids which are essential, which will make your skin both smoother and softer. It is the ideal carrier oil for those looking for greater texture and will alleviate inflammation, scarring and redness.

Tamanu Oil

This carrier oil is noted for its ability to combat acne. Like Rose Hip it is full of fatty acids but also has significant antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It has proven to be quite effective in treating skin that is inflamed or irritated, as well as stretch marks and sun burns, and its effectiveness is apparent even with small drops, which means it will last longer than other oils when used carefully.

Olive Oil

This is probably one of the best known oils on the list. Many people already used it for cooking, but it can also be applied to the face. This is because olive oil has large amounts of oleic acid, which is an acid that is monosaturated, making it excellent for skin that is dry. Olive oil is heavier than other oils which means it dries slower. One thing to bear in mind when shopping for it is that 2/3 of the brands which are sold in the American market is adulterated. Research the quality of your olive oil before buying it and verify that it is organic.

Evening Primerose

This outstanding carrier oil is optimal for multiple skin types. It has a strong concentration of GLA, or gamma linolenic acid, which is known to eliminate clogged pores through the removal of sebum and various impurities. As such it has shown great effectiveness in skin that is either oily or prone to acne. Its fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory attributes which will lower skin redness and irritation.

Why Are Carrier Oils So Important?

Carrier oils are typically plant based and will be derived from seeds and nuts which are used for the purpose of healing and moisturizing the skin. These oils can be used by themselves or in conjunction with other oils. Upscale essential oils are often mixed with carrier oils to produce distinct therapeutic benefits. Additionally, some essential oils are too strong to be applied to the skin directly, and must be used with carrier oil so that they do not irritate the skin.