Whereas the winter holidays bring parties, family reunions, and an overall joyous atmosphere, they are also the perfect time for spreading germs and being introduced to all kinds of infections. They can also mean snacks that are not particularly healthy, busy and hectic schedules, and maxing out the credit card. Your sense of wellness can decline rapidly when you couple all of this with the decrease in daylight hours and downright frigid temperatures. So how do we combat this and make the holidays more enjoyable? Staying healthy certainly can’t hurt.

Get Your Shopping Done Early

You say it every year – “I’m going to get all my holiday shopping done early this year”. And yet, somehow, something comes up and lo and behold, it’s almost Christmas and you’re not done yet. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you normal. Unfortunately, normal can also mean harried and stressed out. Getting your shopping done early is easier now than ever before thanks to online ordering. And this year, why not treat others and yourself to some truly magnificent gifts like essential oils, carrier oils, and incense. All of these can promote not only a healthier outlook on life but a healthier body as well.

Out with the Old in with the New

You might be surprised when you clear away the boxes and cans toward the front of your kitchen cabinets and see what lurks in the back, darkened depths of long ago expired mixes, gravies, candies, chips, and more. The holidays are a perfect time for doing a cleanse of sorts involving your refrigerator, cupboards, and pantry. Try stocking your shelves with healthy choices and replacing toxin-filled products with natural and/or organic products.

Go for a Walk and Make Time For Yourself

Fortunately, both of these can be done at the same time if you so choose. The walk will do you good not just physically because as you know walking a minimum of 45 minutes a day promotes better health but, it can also work wonders when it comes to clearing all the cobwebs and holiday madness out of your head. And in today’s crazy world, we seldom take enough time for ourselves. A walk, even if it’s just around the block, is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Taking a little time for yourself and spending a few minutes concocting a healthy, detoxifying blend of essential oils is another great way to spend a little “me time”. Oils typically used in a blend such as this are valor, peppermint, lavender, thieves, and lemon.

Share Your Love in New, Inventive Ways

As previously mentioned, essential oils and natural products are a great way to promote healthy living. Why not share the love with your family and friends by bringing just such choices into their lives. Introducing other people to your homemade blends of essential oils can help them enter a whole new world of health body, mind, and spirit. Instead of cookies why not give your friends a couple of sachets or a festively decorated jar of potpourri that you made with your very own hands?

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