One important factor that enhances our productivity and quality of life is our mental state. What determine our success are the mindfulness and the ability to concentrate. When we are not mindful and focused, we will not be able to achieve our desired goals and dreams.

Our quality and duration of focus are key determinants of the success of our lives, whether the goals we have are in our careers, family, or personal life. However, it is understandable that we are not always at our best condition and times we will not be able to concentrate for a long duration. That is when we rely on external sources, such as essential oils, to keep us awake and focused.

The wonderful news is that there are essential oils which will give you a boost in your mental clarify, concentration level, and focus, so that you can accomplish more in your work and personal lives and achieve your goals.

Here are some essential oils that will help to sharpen your focus.


Rosemary has more than a culinary purpose. Other than using rosemary as herbs to add onto your pizzas and pastas, it can also allow you to focus better. The herb’s calming scent will help you to relax, have better focus, and lower stress and anxiety levels. It has also been shown that rosemary helps with mental alertness, cognition, and boost memory function for a temporary period. You can also mix it with lemon essential oil so as to be more alert and focused.


Peppermint has a very strong and well-defined scent. It can be used for antibacterial purposes too as it helps to alleviate inflammatory conditions. It has been proven to boost the level of focus, concentration, clarity, and memory. For it to be most effective dilute it with a carrier oil and apply topically. This will give you more energy as you go about your day and allow you to concentrate better.


This fruit extract has a bright fragrance that is extremely vitalizing and invigorating. It helps to get rid of any negative emotions you may have as well.

Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil is obtained by steam distilling from the leaves and the buds of the plant. Native to Europe, this herb has medicinal purposes as well. It is known to be helpful in fighting against depression, lowering anxiety levels, and improving mental clarity, memory and concentration. To use this oil, you may place a few drops into the diffuser.


Although vetiver essential oil comes with a scent that is slightly intoxicating, it has many benefits in terms of the level of focus. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, apply the oil topically on the back of your neck or the bottom of your feet. You may also use with carrier oils or in a diffuser for a calming effect.