Hiking through the forest can do more than just provide fresh air or get your blood circulating; it can also teach lessons that will help you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Below are some lessons which are the most valuable.

Avoid Darkness And Seek The Light

The one thing that many plants and flowers have in common is that they disdain shadow and desire and seek sunlight. Even in your home, most plants which are placed in a window will tend to grow towards light. How can this feature be applied to your own life? Stay away from people, places or things which bring darkness or shadows into your life. Instead, reach out for those that bring light and vigor to your existence. They are challenging to acquire, but more than worth it once you do.

Seek Incremental Rather Than Overnight Growth

Almost every species of plant grows in an incremental or gradual way. If you try to monitor their growth on a daily basis, you will likely become discouraged, as it will be difficult to notice anything with the naked eye. But checkup on the plant a month or year later, and the growth will be noticeable. Just the same, you should seek to grow gradually as well. Do not seek or expect overnight fame, riches or success. Instead, build yourself up gradually and accept the reality that time and effort must pass before your growth is realized.

Don’t Be Fooled By Initial Appearances

Jasmine is a spectacular flower white in color that blooms in the evening. However, during daytime its petals are hidden within a miniature green bud.  Most people untrained in handling or recognizing plants would ignore it and even consider it unattractive, but this is only because they are fooled by the outer exterior. Many people make the exact same mistake when meeting and interacting with others; they allow themselves to be fooled by outer appearances. Not everything that glitters are gold and sometimes gold might be hidden within something that outwardly looks rather plain.

Setbacks, Although Frustrating Will Give You Strength

Anyone who knows anything about gardening knows that sometimes marjoram plants need to be pruned. Doing so is necessary for them to become stronger and reach their true potential. Initially it may seem counterproductive, but will ultimately make the plant more beautiful, productive and vibrant. The same is true for humans; when you face setbacks in life, it is natural to become frustrated, but oftentimes they are a sign of better things to come, especially if you evaluate and respond to them in the right way. As the saying goes, when a door closes a window opens.

Always Adapt To The Times

Plants are masters at blooming when it’s appropriate to do so and then hunkering down for protection when it isn’t. This is why deciduous plants will shed petals and leaves, hibernating during winter. The lesson that humans can take from this is that it is important to have good judgement and discernment, knowing the right time to do certain things and when not to do them.