Much as in love, where there is reputedly someone for everyone, there are particular essential oils that suit each and every certain someone. Various oils will be a better fit for one person than they would for another. In a more general sense, however, we can break essential oil preferences down into two categories. Men and women. As evidenced by the title, the following will explore a number of essential oils for fall that the male persuasion might make good use of, especially with autumn upon us.

Indian Sandalwood

This essential oil is one of a couple of different types of sandalwood, but is by far the superior choice. With colder weather on the way, or already here, the skin care benefits of using these essential oils will be welcomed. Even guys need to take care of their skin, again, particularly when frigid temperatures befall us. This oil’s calming, grounding effects make it perfect for meditation with a mood enhancing, woody, sweet aroma.


The earthy, balsamic aroma here adds its very own special effects to anything it is added to. Sawdust and wood are steam distilled to make this product – what’s more manly than that? For mental refreshment and renewal, as well as chronic stress relief, these cedarwood essential oils are indispensable. Of several types of cedarwood, Atlas is the most masculine. It blends well with vetiver, lavender, and bergamot. Cedarwood essential oils can also help fight against cellulite, fungus, hair loss, stress, dandruff, bronchitis, arthritis, and acne.

Sweet Orange

This essential oil will remind you of joy and sunlight – something you may well need on the cold, blustery days ahead. Its citrusy aroma brings a bright, blissful feel wherever it is used. During particularly difficult moments this fall and winter, introduce a little of this essential oil to your system and experience its warm embrace. Reduce fear and doubt with the playful essence of sweet orange, an oil cold pressed from actual orange peels. These essential oils also act as an anti-aging treatment and can be added to creams and liquid soaps. Use them to freshen the air in dusty old fishing and hunting cabins to give all the guys a fresh, new outlook on life.

Balsam Fir

Steam distilled right from the needles of a balsam fir tree, these essential oils are so effective that they have found a home in any good aroma therapist’s collection. Many respiratory conditions have been improved through the use of the inhaled vapors from this oil. Topical application to the chest has also worked for these types of afflictions. As a body deodorant, the natural aroma of these essential oils works incredibly well to not only decrease foul odors but lessen the body’s bacteria. Balsam fir essential oils blend well with lavender and rosemary.


The earthy, warm base of these essential oils is uplifting and stimulating. In aroma therapy, they are used specifically for mental over-taxation. Rid yourself of unpleasant emotions with this strong but quieting scent. After a challenging day, there is nothing like the smell of patchouli to unwind and get rid of pent up, nagging anxiety.

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