Atlas Cedarwood and Himalayan Cedarwood are believed to be the first essential oils ever to have undergone a distillation process. Past records show that both the oil and wood were used for a great array of purposes including incense, cosmetics, and medicine. Apart from the earlier mentioned Cedrus deodara and Cedrus atlantica variants, other types of cedarwood include exan Cedarwood and Virginian Cedarwood.

Cedar trees are known to thrive in colder climates, thus they are normally found in higher altitudes. Today, you should keep in mind that not all trees that are called cedar come from the same species or genus.

Cedarwood essential oils offer a wide range of health benefits (both physical and psychological) and therapeutic uses. These benefits make the wood a welcomed addition to any essential oil collection. With that in mind, below are some suggestions on how to make good use of your cedarwood essential oils:

Outdoor Bug Spray

Cedarwood oil can help you conquer your campground. Apart from smelling fantastic, they can serve as a D.I.Y outdoor spray to keep pesky bugs away from you. You can add a few drops of cedarwood to your outdoor spray bottle and it will work wonders. You can enjoy Mother Nature without any annoyance. Other alternatives include lemongrass, clove, tea tree, rosemary, or citronella.

Improve the Aroma of Your Surroundings

Cedarwood essential oils have one of the most complementary and calming scents. It can warm and soften most essential oils that it blends with. That’s why you can easily add it to earthy tones, floral accents, or citrus notes to create enviable blends. Here’s a simple project for you to try out: create a D.I.Y perfume that contains a cedarwood base note. You will have a sweet and warm aroma that can be with you always. Now, cedarwood is not just there to smell pretty. It also works to deodorize the air around you. You will be able to create a relaxing environment that makes your guests feel right at home.

Soften and Moisturize Skin

Another way to use cedarwood essential oil is to add it to your weekly face mask, daily face moisturizer, and nightly body lotion. The oil contains skin-cleansing properties and can help maintain the appearance of youthful skin as well as condition and moisturize it. You can even go a step further by making your own lotion bar. Make sure to add cedarwood for a delicious aroma.

Promote Deep Sleep

Are you looking for that perfect aroma to snuggle under the covers? Well, look no further than cedarwood essential oils. It will fill your bedroom with the cozy and warm aroma that you desire. Here is a simple recipe you can follow: One drop of vetiver essential oil + four drops of lavender essential oil + five drops of cedarwood essential oil. Now, light up a couple of candles, unwind with your favorite book, and let yourself drift away into dreams of fantastical adventures.

Achieve Healthier-Looking Hair

Let your hair be your best-looking feature. Cedarwood oil can help make that possible. Try warming a few drops of this essential oil in your palms and then rub it into your scalp gently. The result will be healthy-looking hair!