As the holidays draw near, many people are thinking of the perfect gift to buy for their friends or loved ones. And while buying a nice gift sends a statement, making one with your own hands can send an even stronger one. Below is a recipe that will allow you to make a DIY hand sanitizer spray. Not only will your recipient find it to be functional, they will also find it to be classy and pleasing to the eye.

Items Needed To Make The Spray

The hand sanitizer is easy to make and only requires a few items. It is ideal for those who are traveling and will allow them to clean and disinfect their hands when running water is not readily available. Plus, the recipe is free of alcohol and primarily uses essential oils. Oils such as tea tree and lemon are prized for their ability to eradicate germs. While it won’t completely clean hands which are soiled visibly it will eliminate the germs after which the dirt can be wiped away with a towel or napkin.

To make this spray you’ll need five drops of tea tree oil, two drops of vitamin E oil, five drops of lemon oil, a spray bottle that can hold one ounce of fluid and two tablespoons of witch hazel which is unscented and alcohol free. Tea tree oil was chosen for this recipe due to its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-septic benefits. The lemon oil consists of a class of chemicals which are referred to as monoterpene, which will give the spray a pleasant scent while boosting mood. Lemon oil is highly versatile in its own right and is capable of assisting with digestion, enhancing the respiratory system and will do wonders for the skin.

Why You Should Use Mini Glass Bottles

While any spray bottle will do for this project, the best are those made of miniature glass. The reason for this is because their size makes them perfect for fitting into your purse, travel or gym bag. They are durable, high in quality and sold in cobalt blue color. It will also be great to get bottles designed for essential oils and other aromatherapy purposes. They can also be used to give samples to others.

Directions For Making The Spray

Now you’ll want to combine all the ingredients within your spray bottle, and place the top on it and then shake the bottle thoroughly to blend the mixture together well. You should then place a label on the bottle, not only because this makes it classier, but so those you can give it to can remember what’s in it and what it is used for. When using the spray, you will want to shake it first and then spray two or three times on the palms of your hand, and then rub them together. Let your hands air dry for a bit afterward.