We love our essential oils! Wouldn’t it be great if we could take them with us everywhere? Now you can. We’re going to explain how to create your very own essential oil car diffuser. Now you’ll be able to, in the privacy of your car, enjoy an aromatherapy session. Who knows, this could make rush-hour almost pleasant!

Car Diffuser Types

When it comes to car diffusers, there are several types:

USB diffuser – Ordinarily, these require water and are USB port powered. Some people consider them a lot of work and marginally distracting.

Hanging pendant – As air flows over the pendant hung in your car (don’t block your view out of the windshield) passive diffusion allows your favorite sent to disperse throughout the automobile’s interior. All it takes is one drop of your best essential oil on the pendant.

Car vent clip-on – The luscious aroma of your favorite essential oil can be diffused throughout your car by clipping this diffuser to one of the slats (air directors) of your car vent.

Plug-in diffuser – Though once popular, these have dropped off a bit. They got pretty hot and people tended to worry about them.

Getting Your Supplies Together

Here’s a list of things you’ll need, depending on which diffuser you go with:

  • fabric
  • glue (nothing toxic)
  • string
  • sewing kit (or a sewing machine if you’re good with it)
  • clothespin
  • pom-poms
  • paperclip
  • round cotton ball
  • ribbon
  • old, used up Fabreeze vent clip that lost its scent long ago

Build Your Own!

Get ready all you do-it-yourselfers. We are going to give you a choice of diffusers to make:

  • Diffuser number one – this will be modeled after the old Christmas tree hanging from your rearview mirror model. You remember those! From some pretty fabric, cut and sew an object – a Christmas tree is fine – and put a string through the top of it. A drop or two of your favorite essential oil is all you’ll need. You might hang it from your rearview mirror, but some locations have pretty strict rules about this, so beware. If you’re not a seamstress, you can simply glue the fabric onto a piece of cardboard.
  • Diffuser number two – the do-it-yourself car vent diffuser. This is crazy simple and kind of cute. Take a clothespin, make it a pretty color if you like, glue 3 to 4 little pom-poms onto one side of the clothespin. Put a drop or two of essential oil on one or two of the pom-poms, clip it to your air vent, and you’re ready to go. People have also used a paperclip instead of the clothespin and one large pom-pom instead of 3 to 4 small ones.
  • Diffuser number three – do you have an old Fabreeze vent clip that lost its good smell long ago? Here’s how to repurpose it. You need to make a loop of ribbon (just wrap it around one finger) and glue it to the old clip. Now you can insert a cotton ball into the ribbon after putting a drop or two of your essential oil on it.

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