Few people can resist ice cream, especially one as irresistible as this. Those who are bored with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry and are longing for something different and healthier will find this blueberry recipe with lavender to be a delectable and very tasty alternative.


The two most important ingredients in this recipe are lavender and blue agave. Also known as Agave tequilana, blue agave is a type of plant which is native to Mexico and is popularly used in tequila, which is a famous alcoholic beverage which is distilled. This plant thrives in soil which is sandy and rich, and will ultimately become a succulent with leaves that are spiky. Blue agave is pollinated by local bats and a single plant can produce thousands of seeds, after which the shoots will be extracted.

Lavender, like blue agave, is also a plant, but one which is prized for its fragrance, flavor, and medicinal characteristics While its essential oil is prized, lavender can also be eaten, and as such is used to flavor various foods. However, its flavor is potent, and if overused may become overpowering, so for this recipe it should be used sparingly.

Lavender is rich in both calcium and iron, and is much better than most ice cream as a result, while not sacrificing taste. Combining it with blue agave and blue berries will result in an ice cream which tastes amazing, yet is lower in calories and fat than you will find in typical store brought brands. Aside from four teaspoons of blue agave and four drops of lavender, you will also need two cups of blueberries which are frozen, a half cup of coconut water and one cup of coconut cream.

How To Make It

Preparation time for this recipe will take about five minutes, but the cook time is much longer, at about four hours. To make it, you will want to begin by taking a miniature casserole dish or similar container and lining it with either parchment or wax paper. Next, you will want to add the coconut cream, lavender oil, agave, and blueberries to a blender. Now pulse all the ingredients together, throwing in some coconut water in increments of one tablespoon so that the ingredients mix together in a smooth manner. You want to be sure not to add excessive liquid otherwise the ice cream will be too soft.

Once the ingredients have been blended together thoroughly you will next want to pour them into a dish that has been prepared, then cover them and place in the freezer for approximately four hours. After the necessary time has passed remove the ice cream from the freezer, scoop the amount you want and place it into a bowl, and add whatever additional ingredients you want. It is important to experiment to find out what works best, and enjoy.