Ylang ylang is one of the most pleasant smelling essential oils in existence. But they are so much more than just a perfumed substance. Though many people first purchase these essential oils for their aroma, they soon discover that they have numerous benefits in any number of applications. These could become your most favorite essential oils of all time.

Origins of Ylang Ylang

Since their first days of use in Madagascar, these essential oils have been turning heads for centuries. The main reason – their luscious aroma. Since then, however, their usage has expanded and been greatly enhanced. The properties of these essential oils as a sedative and nervine substance, hypotensive, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antiseborrheic, and antidepressant, make them highly desired and one of the most used among all of the essential oils.

Popular Uses of Ylang Ylang

Now widely touted as an ingredient that few cosmetics should ever be without, and as a favorite among aroma therapists, ylang ylang has become a household name and can be found in medicine cabinets, bedside tables, desk drawers, etc. throughout the world. As a skin treatment, it can help keep you looking younger and your skin smoother and more hydrated. These oils help to maintain skin’s natural oil and moisture balance.

Ylang ylang can be used by those suffering from stress related conditions, frigidity, fatigue, and insomnia. Finally, these essential oils may help to cure internal organ infections affecting the urinary tract, colon, intestines, and stomach.

Health Benefits of Ylang Ylang

Though ylang ylang’s properties are listed above, some individuals may wish to understand their meaning on a simpler level. These essential oils have seemingly endless health benefits, as well as being a popular part of the cosmetic world. Ylang ylang essential oils can be used to cure infections in internal organs, prevent septic infections, cure seborrhea, and to lower blood pressure. Regular use of ylang ylang may strengthen the nervous system, induce feelings of relaxation, and fight depression.

And many individuals today, rather than relying on chemical medications, use these essential oils to increase libido.

A Look at Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

These essential oils, pronounced EE-lang EE-lang, are extracted through steam distillation from the flowers of a plant that goes by the botanical name of Cananga Odorata. Though the origin of these oils is Madagascar, the plant from which these essential oils are derived can be found in certain Asian rain forests and Polynesia, Comoro, Sumatra, Java, the Philippines, and Indonesia. They have a thin consistency and an extremely sought-after aroma that has been described as having a floral scent, exotic, and sweet. Many essential oil aficionados like to blend oils, and for that purpose, sandalwood, rosewood, neroli, lavender, grapefruit, and bergamot work well with ylang ylang.

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