Yarrow essential oil is typically blue in color and has been used as medicine for many centuries. The plant and its extracts are used to treat wounds and cuts. The essential oil is also very effective in relieving headaches and other kinds of body pain. Yarrow plants have been used to treat a variety of ailments and alleviate the symptoms of many medical conditions. For example, in North America, the plant was widely used to help with dental aches.

Origins of Yarrow

Yarrow essential oil is derived from the yarrow plant which is mostly found in the northern hemisphere. Yarrow is known by many names including Little Feather as well as Devil’s Nettle. The plant can be found in areas such as Colorado as well as New Mexico. Outside the United States, Yarrow is grown commercially in Hungary as well as France.

Popular Uses of Yarrow

As noted earlier, yarrow has been used for years for pain relief as well as for accelerating wound healing. During the American Civil War, the plant was used extensively to treat battle wounds and this led to soldiers referring to the plant as the soldier’s woundwort. Yarrow is also used in farms as its flowers have a tendency to attract insects which in turn helps with pollination and crop growth. It is also believed that while attracting beneficial insects, the plant also helps to repel some pests thus protecting crops from being destroyed.

Health Benefits of Yarrow

For many years, Yarrow has been an integral part of traditional medicine and helps to alleviate a number of medical problems. For example, in traditional Indian societies, yarrow was often used to help alleviate gastrointestinal disorders. The plant is also known to have diaphoretic properties as well as being astringent.  In America, the plant was widely used by members of the Navajo tribe to alleviate toothaches. Here, the affected person chewed the plant and also extracted its juices to help alleviate earaches. Among the Cherokee, the plant is still being used to make a tea-like drink that helps relieve fever and alleviates sleep disorders.

A Look at Yarrow Essential Oils

Yarrow essential oils should be used with care especially by people who have very sensitive skin. Yarrow essential oils should not be applied directly to broken skin as the essential oil is typically very concentrated. When working with Yarrow essential oil, you can blend it with many other essential oils such as bay laurel, chamomile, and many more. Yarrow oil should not be used by children who are below 2 years of age as their skin is not strong enough. Finally, when mixing yarrow essential oil for skin products, ensure that the maximum concentration of the yarrow essential oil is 8.6%.

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