Wild black spruce oil has been applied and inhaled for centuries by the indigenous people located in North America. It is used by people at both the East and West Coasts, those from the coldest northern region of Canada, as well as people residing right in the middle of continental United States. This natural healer has proven itself to be highly beneficial as how it is with other more commonly used essential oils we have today.

Origins of Wild Black Spruce

Wild black spruce oil is obtained from conifer trees which are part of the pine family. Even though spruce needles may not appear like they possess any healing properties, their chemical composition is capable of producing powerful restorative benefits that ought to be learned about. Native Americans from continental United States as well as tribes who are First Nation members from Canada used to travel hundreds of miles to obtain black spruce needles in large quantities. The needles as well as twigs are then boiled into extracts before being made into medicines. Today, we are able to enjoy the same healing benefits through the use of modern oils.

Popular Uses of Wild Black Spruce

Wild black spruce oil is never used through direct ingestion, but instead it is to be used with a vaporizer or a diffuser. Avoid oxidation of wild black spruce oil as its oxidized compound may cause skin irritation which needs to be avoided at all costs. Pregnant or nursing mothers are strongly advised against the use of wild black spruce oil as insufficient research has been done on the implications that this oil may have on unborn babies or infants. There is absolutely no reason at all to take any risks when it comes to endangering innocent young lives.

Health Benefits of Wild Black Spruce

Wild black spruce oil is popular due to its ability to showcase restorative properties that can treat various ailments and alleviate different injuries. It is used to eliminate harmful bacteria, prevent viral infections, flush respiratory blockages, better mental clarity, and supply endocrine system support. Wild black spruce is a powerful all-natural agent that can heal your body and mind through a holistic approach.

A Look at Wild Black Spruce Essential Oils

Wild black spruce oil is loaded with highly active biochemical agents that can transform your health and wellness. You do not have to worry about any serious health implications which may cause shocking side effects when you use wild black spruce oil like how you would with prescription medicines that offer a specific set of benefits. This essential oil is powerful at helping your mind and body relax while balancing out your hormones as well as your circulatory system.

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