Though many people think of culinary adventures when they hear the word “vanilla”, it has, as an essential oil, many more uses. Aromatherapy is a place where vanilla is widely treasured for its soothing, relaxing properties. But, as you will see, vanilla can be found in numerous applications including as an ingredient in today’s cosmetics.

Origins of Vanilla

Through the years, vanilla has become one of the most trusted natural healing remedies known to man. Originally, the vanilla plant was found in Guatemala, regions in modern-day Mexico, and Mesoamerica. The word “vanilla” is of Spanish origin and loosely translates to “little pod”. The ability to grow vanilla in regions other than Mexico was made possible through a pollinating technique perfected by a brilliant 12 year-old named Edmond Alblus in 1841. For a time, following his discovery, the biggest producer of vanilla became Réunion (Alblus’ birth land.) In Madagascar, the pollination method was widely utilized by French colonists in the cultivation of vanilla. His technique is still in used in modern day vanilla manufacturing. Today, the biggest producers of vanilla are still located in Madagascar.

Popular Uses of Vanilla

Vanilla can be found not just as an essential oil but in the following forms: vanilla sugar, whole pods, powder, and as an extract. Eating vanilla is, thanks to the plethora of nutrients contained within, an excellent provider of antioxidants and unique organic compounds. As a topical treatment, however, it is a natural healer. In days of old, and even for some individuals today, vanilla has exhibited characteristics as an aphrodisiac.

Health Benefits of Vanilla

The luscious aroma of vanilla makes it a given when it comes to aromatherapy. Its soothing characteristics calm anxiety better than many man-made chemicals designed for the same purpose. It is, however, also widely touted as a treatment for the improvement of heart health and in the reduction of inflammation. Vanilla encourages healthy digestion, helps some individuals lose weight, and can assist in the prevention of acne. Reportedly, it has even been effective in preventing certain types of cancer. Vanilla may help cure respiratory conditions and strengthens hair. Yes, the healing properties of vanilla are seemingly endless.

Thanks to vanilla’s properties as an antioxidant, it helps stave off afflictions such as macular degeneration, mental instability, hearing and vision loss, nervous and organic malfunctions, memory loss, and immune system weakness caused by free radicals.

A Look at Vanilla Essential Oils

Vanilla essential oils are derived through solvent extraction from vanilla beans which have fermented. Their healing and medicinal uses include those listed above as well as a treatment for sufferers of high blood pressure and to regulate menstruation. Those wishing to blend their vanilla essential oils with others may want to try sandal wood, lavender, chamomile, jojoba, neroli, lemon, or orange.

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