Rosemary is prized for its memory enhancement capabilities, as well as its anti-inflammatory, immune strengthening and detoxifying characteristics. It can also shield the human body from harmful bacteria while healing skin ailments and increasing circulation. If you are considering to get rosemary essential oils, read on to find out more about this ingredient!

Origins of Rosemary

Rosemary can be found naturally in the Mediterranean, and has become a common herb both in that region and other parts of the world. It tastes good and has a desirable aroma, but more important than that are the many health benefits that are associated with its usage. It is related to mint but has its own unique flavor. Rosemary has a taste which is more stringent and warm and this makes it a highly effective ingredient in stuffing, sauces and soups. Being a Mediterranean herb, it appears frequently in both Italian and Greek cuisine.

Popular Uses of Rosemary

Rosemary is most commonly used to flavor food. It is used in roasts and stews, and in small amounts won’t have a significant effect on the body. However, its leaves are rich in both phytochemicals and organic compounds, both of which provide numerous benefits to the body in larger amounts. It can also be applied topically to the skin in the form of an essential oil.

Health Benefits of Rosemary

One of the most important benefits of rosemary is the role it plays in strengthening the immune system. It contains components which are both anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory. Since it is also an antioxidant, this means that it battles disease in three different ways. Some of the most powerful compounds which are found in rosemary include carnosol, rosmarinic acid and betulic acid. Rosemary can also relieve stomach problems and constipation. This is largely due to its stimulant and anti-inflammatory attributes, so adding it to your diet can improve your gastrointestinal system.

A Look at Rosemary Essential Oils

When used in the form of an essential oil, rosemary provides additional benefits. Just the aroma alone has been found to enhance mood, lower stress and bring relaxation to the mind. This makes it ideal for anyone who is suffering from hormonal imbalance or stress. Rosemary has also been found to increase blood flow throughout the body. This is due to the fact that it promotes the creation of red blood cells which allows vital organs to be oxygenated.  Metabolic activity will be increased, leading to the circulation of nutrients which come into contact with cells that are in need of repair.

A growing number of people are also recognizing the analgesic characteristics of rosemary, or its ability to naturally alleviate pain. When it is applied to the skin in the form of an essential oil, it will reduce pain in that area, and has also been found to alleviate headaches, even severe types such as migraines. This is done by either consuming it orally or inhaling the aroma. Rosemary can also be used for oral hygiene and due to its anti-bacterial properties can eliminate the germs which cause bad breath. This Mediterranean leaf is, without a doubt, a true miracle herb.