Pine essential oils have an impressive array of health benefits. These essential oils have been used throughout time for not only their positive health and wellness characteristics, but for their fresh, invigorating aroma.

Origins of Pine

The common pine tree is where pine essential oils come from. They are derived from the twigs and needles of the tree through steam distillation. It is believed that the tree itself, before becoming popular in various parts of the world, actually originated in Russia and Austria. For those completely unfamiliar with pine trees, it’s what you see in certain areas of the world around the holidays. It is frequently referred to as a Christmas tree.

For cooking, pine kernels were used by ancient Egyptians. In other historical chapters, pine needles were used to stuff mattresses because they helped repel fleas and lice.

Popular Uses of Pine

In addition to the numerous health benefits listed below, the use of pine essential oils has also reportedly been effective in reducing gallstones and gallbladder inflammation. Because of its incredible aroma, pine is an extremely popular air freshener and can frequently be found in potpourri and other products for air enhancement. Not only because of its amazing, refreshing aroma but thanks to its disinfecting and purifying qualities, pine is found in any number of household cleaning products.

Health Benefits of Pine

Besides the above discussed uses, some of the many health benefits contributed to the use of pine essential oils are as follows: Use of these essential oils has cured respiratory problems in any number of individuals. Still others use them to treat injuries. Pine essential oils can reduce infections and may be carefully used for certain types of eye care (check with a doctor before using any essential oil near your eyes). For aromatherapy or when used as an air freshener, pine essential oils may relieve stress. These oils can also boost metabolism. Because of the amazing skin care characteristics of these essential oils, they are found in numerous cosmetic applications.

A Look at Pine Essential Oils

One of the reasons that pine essential oils are so popular is because of the availability of the tree from which they are derived. At least as of right now, there is no shortage of pine trees; and conscious efforts are being made to make sure that fresh, new pine trees are continuously planted.

Pine essential oils blend well with juniper, labdanum, sage, lavandin, rosemary, and cedarwood. It is one of the safest essential oils on the market due, partially, to its low toxicity. If you like the scent of pine, you might also consider using essential oils such as deep forest, fir needle, and balsam fir.

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