Considered as one of the oldest spices ever known to men, parsley is used in the form of fresh leaves or seeds for various purposes. It has the capacity to kill microbes and germs, thus making it potent for a wide range of uses. Parsley seed, in particular has other uses, and benefits that are worth taking note of. It can be used to stimulate appetite, lower blood pressure, and treat frequent urination. Here are things you must particularly know about the seeds of this plant.

Origins of Parsley Seed

Parsley originated from the Mediterranean region of western Asia and southern Europe. An ancient Greek legend says that this actually sprang from the blood of Archemerus, a fallen hero who was eaten by serpents. Due to this history, Greeks regard the plant as sacred, the reason behind why it was never placed for display on their tables. The seed, being part of the parsley plant, originated from these places as well.

Popular Uses of Parsley Seed

Parsley, in general, is taken by mouth for a host of bladder infections, and other GI disorders. It can also be applied on the skin to treat cracked or chapped skin, bruises, and insect bites, as well as to deal with dark patches on the face. Women take parsley to cause an abortion, or to start menstrual flow.

Parsley seed, on the other hand, is popular for use in decreasing colic pain and flatulence. This is a tradition that is still being practiced up to this day due to the seed’s carminative effect. When transformed into essential oil, parsley seeds become useful in manufacturing cosmetics, perfumes, and soaps. Note that there are also different uses for the parsley leaf essential oil.

Health Benefits of Parsley Seed

Parsley seeds have antimicrobial properties that make it great for protecting the body from a number of infections. It is also good for treating rheumatism and arthritis because it detoxifies and purifies the body as it accelerates toxin elimination. As an antiseptic, it can help clean wounds, and prevent bacteria from bothering the skin, thus keeping microbes at bay. It likewise relieves contractions in the gums, skin, and muscles. Due to its spicy aroma, parsley seeds can trigger appetite and stimulate digestion, after.

A Look at Parsley Seed Essential Oils

Parsley seed essential oil is noted for having a diuretic capability, thus shrinking blood vessels. It can also be added to herb blends, and due to its aroma, it can be enjoyed or diluted with other essential oils before enjoying the scent for aromatherapy purposes. Take note, however, that like other essential oils that need to be handled with care, special precautions must also be undertaken in order to enjoy the health benefits of parsley seed essential oils.

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