One of the oldest spices known to mankind is one that most of us have in our kitchen cabinet. It is parsley leaf. But aside from being a condiment and spice used throughout the world, this herb also contains many medicinal properties. The essential oils of parsley leaf are derived through steam distillation from its dried seeds. Frequently, we see parsley leaf as a garnishment alongside our food on plates served in any number of restaurants. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics and uses for parsley leaf:

Origins of Parsley Leaf

Petroselinium crispum is the not so common name for a very common, biennial, bright green herb. Originating in Europe, parsley’s leaves are the primary purpose for its extensive cultivation. For centuries, these leaves were used to flavor food and as a garnishment. Used not in foods but as a funeral herb by the ancient Greeks, it was found growing along Greece’s rocky hillsides. For this reason, it got its name from the Greek word for stone (Petroselinium).

Popular Uses of Parsley Leaf

As has been clearly established, the most popular uses for parsley leaf would undoubtedly be as a spice and an adornment for plated foods. But there are more uses for parsley than one may think. It can inhibit the growth of certain microbes because, thanks to parsley’s antimicrobial properties, they are killed by certain components found within parsley. Additionally, you can protect yourself against any number of infections by using the essential oils from parsley leaf.

Health Benefits of Parsley Leaf

In addition to protecting against infection, parsley leaf is useful against two debilitating diseases in particular – arthritis and rheumatism. Parsley is a depurative and detoxifying agent. As such, it possesses stimulant and diuretic properties. It refreshes the blood through the purity of purification and removes toxins from the body. It increases circulation and stimulates blood flow, as a stimulant. Not only does parsley help against arthritis but it helps some people that suffer from gout.

Other health benefits include acting as a blood purifier, improving digestion, the relief of flatulence, the fact that it acts as an astringent, it is useful in helping to prevent sepsis, and is beneficial as a fever reducer. Additionally, parsley leaf can protect the stomach, help to stimulate nerves, help relieve constipation, lower blood pressure, and more.

A Look at Parsley Leaf Essential Oils

Essential oils from parsley leaf not only help in all of the above listed ways, they can cure a multitude of other issues such as loss of libido, cystitis, amenorrhea, hemorrhoids, colic, sciatica, cellulite, and blood vessel rupture. Parsley leaf blends well with the following essential oils: ylang-ylang, tea tree, rose, orange, and clary sage. If you are pregnant, check with your doctor before ingesting parsley leaves or using other essential oils.

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