Oregano essential oils are extracted from oregano leaves and are highly beneficial in any number of ways. This ingredient normally grows in the mountains and is therefore native to higher altitudes. This is likely how it got its name – “the light of the mountains” (the loose translation for “oregano”). Though most known as a spice that is frequently found in the kitchen cabinets of many, as an essential oil its natural remedies are much sought after. Aside from viewing it as a common ingredient in numerous culinary delights, let’s take a look at the ingredient in its essential oils form:

Origins of Oregano

The ancient Greeks first discovered this type of essential oil and made good use of their antibacterial and disinfectant properties. They treated wounds and bacterial skin infections with the ingredient. When the used in food, it was less for taste and more for the protection of the food against bacteria. “Origanum vulgare”, or fresh oregano leaves, are steam distilled. The extracted results are the desired essential oils.

Popular Uses of Oregano

These essential oils are one of the most powerful and potent of their kind. Due to their properties as antibacterials and disinfectants, they are still frequently used on many types of wounds and to protect against skin infections worsening. When used on a regular basis, these essential oils may effectively protect against viral infections in the body.

Health Benefits of Oregano

In general, oregano essential oils are highly respected for their medicinal properties and antimicrobial properties. More specifically, we can break these down into narrower classifications.

The expectorant characteristics help treat respiratory conditions by loosening up phlegm in the sinuses and respiratory tracts. Oregano’s properties as an anti-inflammatory help sooth external and internal inflammation resulting from multiple causes. It can relieve injury or arthritis pain when applied to an area.

With antifungal properties, it can help protect against agents responsible for infectious and communicable diseases. These agents are protozoa, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. But the benefits of these essential oils don’t stop there. They can also reduce the symptoms of menopause and regulate menstruation. Studies have shown that they may help protect against macular degeneration and some cancers. The ingredient can assist to delay the aging process, eliminate intestinal worms, and will help promote digestion.

A Look at Oregano Essential Oils

In addition to the multiple properties listed above, oregano has been shown, in certain studies, to be a pain killer on a powerful level. It has been used, in some cases, to treat food poisoning, giardiasis, E. coli, and other bacterial infections. Some people use oregano to help heal infectious ailments such as flu, athlete’s foot, eczema, and psoriasis. Lately, oregano essential oils have been hailed as wrinkle reducers, helping to fight the signs of aging (when applied topically). For topical applications, some people prefer to combine oregano with coconut oil or some other carrier oil.

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