Also known as Juniperus communis, juniper berry essential oil is a steam-distilled oil made from the needles and berries of the juniper plant. In Bulgaria (juniper’s indigenous region), the plant takes approximately three years to ripen to maturity. That’s why the best oils are sourced from that area. The aroma of juniper berry essential oils is often balsamic and sweet. Let’s find out more about this popular essential oil ingredient:

Origins of Juniper Berry

A juniper berry is not a true berry. It is a seed cone (female) that features merged and unusually fleshy scales. The plant is produced by different juniper species. The juniper plant has a berry-like appearance and that’s how it got its name. All juniper species grow berries, but most are too bitter to eat. Juniperus phoenicea, Juniperus drupacea, J. communis, Juniperus californica, etc., are some of the edible species. You should keep in mind that certain species are inedible due to their toxicity, e.g. Juniperus sabina.

Juniperus communis berries tend to vary between four and 12 millimetres in diameter. You will find that other species are mostly similar in size. J. drupacea is an exception. It is slightly larger between 20 and 28 millimetres.

Popular Uses of Juniper Berry

Certain juniper berry oils can be added to citrus drinks as part of one’s natural cleansing regimen.  The oils can also treat problematic skin areas to improve complexion. Some people also use the oil to lessen stress (place a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub them together, and then inhale for about 30 seconds) and purify the air. They do so by diffusing juniper berry with citrus oils.

Some parents have used the oil to relieve their child’s fears, such as conquering the dark. Mixing the oil with water, they can create a pillow or room spray. If you are applying the oil to the bottom of your feet or the back of your neck, you should avoid rubbing your eyes until the hands are cleaned.

Other interesting uses of the ingredient include northern European and Scandinavian cuisine. They are added to meat dishes made of wild birds, e.g. woodcock, blackbird, and more. Juniper is also used to season sauerkraut dishes, cabbages, and pork.

Health Benefits of Juniper Berry

The main health benefits of juniper berry include:

  • Relieving one’s stress and tension
  • Natural cleanser and detoxifying agent
  • Achieve cleaner and healthier skin and complexion
  • Improving kidney health
  • Improving urinary function

That’s not all. The oil can also provide a supportive and encouraging effect. People have used it for spiritual healing purposes to manage pain and trauma. This leads to the individuals gaining restful sleep.

A Look at Juniper Berry Essential Oils

To sum it up, juniper berry essential oils are great at detoxifying, supporting cleansing, improve one’s nervous system, treat digestive disorders, improve skin and complexion, boost urinary function, and more. Not all essential oils are the same. A lot goes into creating a high-quality juniper-based essential oil. The product should contain the proper plant varieties, the plants must be grown indigenously and without herbicides, harvested with precise timing, and many more.

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