Ho wood essential oil has a lovely floral scent and it used in many homes as natural deodorant. It can be blended with other essential oils like Ylang Ylang, bergamot and sandalwood to create sweet aromas. This oil has properties like linalool that allow it to be used in aromatherapy to create a peaceful environment. Let’s find out more about this essential oil and why you need to get it.

Origins of Ho Wood

Ho wood is an ancient extract from Asia that is made from the bark, leaves and berries of ho wood tree. This tree is a large evergreen tree that is mostly found in china and can grow up to 30 meters tall. The twigs and wood from the tree are harvested and then steam distilled to produce clear oil that has a medium aroma. Over the years, ho wood essential oil remains to be one of the popular essential oils for the fact that it can be blended with other essential oils to bring a calming effect.

Popular Uses of Ho Wood

Ho wood is a thin and watery oil and it can used for many daily applications. When put in a diffuser, the user can enjoy its aromatic qualities. It can also be applied in baths to support improved circulation and clear the sinuses. Ho wood can be blended with carrier oil to create massage oil. This mixture contains anti-aging properties and has an added advantage of being suitable for all skin types. You can diffuse ho wood oil around your home to get rid of unwanted insects. The oil also acts as a germicide and disinfectant, getting rid of bacteria and viruses in your home.

Health Benefits of Ho Wood

Ho wood essential oil does more than make a room smell nice. It can provide a range of health benefits, including:

  • Relieves congestion
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety
  • Reduces arthritis pain and symptoms
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Increases libido
  • Eliminates gas in the digestive tract
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces inflammation

A Look at Ho Wood Essential Oils

Ho wood is a wonderful resource for people who appreciate natural remedies and the benefits of aromatherapy. For years, this oil has been widely used in homes to get rid of bad odors and also create a relaxing, clam environment around the home. Essential oil enthusiasts love this oil because it can be blended with other essential oils for different uses. However, when using this oil, just like any other oil, you need to use it sparingly and ensure that you blend it with an essential oil that goes well with it. Use this oil in a place that is well ventilated.

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