Also known as Cannabis sativa, hemp seed oil has a number of benefits, especially when its cold pressed. It can heal and sooth you, and due to the presence of vitamin E, omega oils and essential fatty acids it has natural antioxidant characteristics. It is also lighter oil which means that it can be absorbed easily.

Origins of Hempseed Oil

Hempseed oil is extracted from the cannabis flower, which originates from India and Central Asia. The plant has been used for its fibre, oil and medicinal properties for centuries and when consumed may also demonstrate psychoactive properties. Hempseed oil is made through the pressing of hemp seeds. When it’s unrefined and cold pressed, it will display a color which ranges from light green to dark green and will have a flavor which has been described as nutty. Oils which have a darker color will have a flavor which is grassier.

Popular Uses of Hempseed Oil

Hempseed oil is extremely versatile and can be used for things such as cooking and even shaving. It is very popular as an essential oil, due to its extensive glide, and is also found in balms, lotions and creams. Hempseed oil provides a number of benefits to the skin, especially that which is inflamed or dry. It provides moderate benefits to those who are suffering from acne and rashes, but has also been used to combat wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Health Benefits of Hempseed Oil

This oil can be used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema. It can be combined with other essential oils, but it is important to perform research to find out which blends are best. It is good for cleansing the skin and may be used for the removal of makeup. It has a high purity, and differentiates itself from other oils in a number of ways.

First, the majority of oils are almost one hundred percent fat, particularly standard brands which are available in supermarkets. This means they are rich in calories, as much as 120 for every tablespoon. Hempseed is low fat oil that will not give you excessive calories. It can be used for baking or frying, or as a dressing on salad. Since it is unrefined it works very well with colder dishes. Additionally, hempseed oil which is refined will have a shelf life which is longer and can be used for high temperature cooking.

A Look at Hempseed Essential Oils

To gain the most benefits from hempseed oil you must know how to store and use it. It should be stored in a location which is dry and cool, where it will not be exposed to sunlight. Since it is sold natural, it may have nuts and traces of other ingredients, which some people may be allergic to, so it is important to seek medical counsel if you have known allergens. Aside from this, hempseed oil is outstanding and is a much better alternative to the traditional oils you’ll find at your local grocery store.