Geranium oil is not only widely respected for its antiseptic qualities, but it can also help with many health issue, both physical and emotional.

Origins of Geranium

Geranium, (Pelargonium Odorantissimum) is also known as Cranes Bill and is widely available today. There are around 422 different species of geranium and many have different aromas. The ingredient originated from South Africa but can be found all over the world today.

Popular Uses of Geranium

Geranium essential oil is a wonderful all-rounder in terms of health and upliftment emotionally. It smells wonderful when mixed with other essential oils. It can be made into lotions, potions, balms, ointments, hair shampoo, conditioner, etc. In fact, the list is endless as this is such a popular and versatile oil.

For an immediate pick-me-up or to increase your mood create a mix of a few drops of the essential oil, lavender, lemon, peppermint, sandalwood, and place in a diffuser or oil burner with water and relax.

Health Benefits of Geranium

Geranium has quite a strong aroma when you brush your hands against the flowers, however, when distilled to an essential oil, that heaviness disappears. It can be mixed with a variety of other essential oils for great health-giving properties. There are other wonderful health benefits associated with Geranium essential oil. These include:

  • Geranium essential oil helps to speed up healing in general
  • Balances oil production and is soothing for skin
  • It has great astringent qualities, which make it great for helping tighten those wrinkles or helping reduce spots or blackheads
  • Geranium can help with blood flow due to its effect of contracting blood vessels
  • It’s a diuretic, so can help with urinary issues
  • Natural deodorant, especially for men due to its masculine aroma
  • Research is ongoing into its effects of helping those with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and the results are promising
  • Removes worms from the body
  • Is useful as an insect repellant
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Helps with lifting depression and reducing anxiety insomnia sufferers
  • Can help people in the menopause
  • Helps athlete’s foot when used with a carrier oil

A Look at Geranium Essential Oils

Geranium essential oil is extracted by the usual steam distillation method, generally from the green leaves of the geranium plant. The green leaves need to be cut before the flowers open to get the best results, and you need a lot of them!

Geranium is an essential oil to be avoided both pregnancy and post pregnancy, especially if the baby is being breastfed. This is due to the fact that it influences certain hormone secretions and the effects are still a large unknown when passed to babies through breastmilk.

If you already have low blood pressure it is also best to avoid geranium essential oil due to the fact it can act on lowering the blood pressure.

The staff at Plant Guru can help advise you on the best essential oils to combine with geranium to obtain the benefits you are looking for. If you already know what you need, take a look at our extensive range of oils for yourself. We are committed to customer care and our high quality 100% pure products are sure to delight.