Dill weed is a distinct herb which is perennial in nature and which features a flavor that has been compared to anise.  Its seeds and leaves are used for seasoning in multiple dishes globally. It is related to the Umbelliferae family, which is a group of spices, flowers and herbs which includes parsley and caraway.

Origins of Dill Weed

Dill weed is originally from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Similar to cilantro, it thrives in areas that have warm summers with soil that is fertile and drained well so that it can flourish. It reaches a height of between one and two feet and has leaves (called sprigs) which are dark green in color. It has a texture which is soft, with an aroma that is both rich and a taste that is sweet. Its seeds are often used as a spice for condiments and have been compared to the taste of caraway seeds.

Popular Uses of Dill Weed

Dill has been used for culinary purposes for many years. It has to be washed carefully in water to eliminate dirt and sand as well as pesticides, and to maintain its flavor and aroma, it is usually only added at the conclusion of food preparation. Dill weed is excellent for boosting the flavor of chicken, vegetables, and various types of meat. It is also used in sauces and soups, and when freshly chopped it makes a wonderful addition to salads. Due to its taste dill weed also frequently appears in spicy dishes.

Health Benefits of Dill Weed

Dill weed is packed with many chemical compounds which are derived from plants which have various anti-oxidants and disease prevention attributes. Unlike many foods, dill does not have cholesterol nor is it high in calories. It has pyridoxine, lots of dietary fiber and niacin, which will control cholesterol levels within the blood.

As an essential oil dill weed can function as both an antiseptic and localized anesthetic.  In particular, dill weed has lots of Vitamin A, which is important since this vitamin is necessary for maintaining skin and mucosa that is healthy along with optimal vision. Furthermore, eating foods which are high in flavonoids will shield the body from both lung and oral cancer.

A Look at Lemongrass Essential Oils

Dill weed essential oil is derived through dill seeds, and has a plethora of benefits. It can act as a disinfectant, aid in digestion, and has also been known to function as a sedative. Aside from Vitamin A, it also has riboflavin, Vitamin C, folic acid and B carotene, all of which play a role in maintaining a healthy metabolism within the body. The best essential oil is that which is made from dill that is fresh, as it has a more powerful flavor and will not lose its many vitamins or its anti-oxidant capabilities. The most important ingredient in dill oil is eugenol, which gives it its many healing properties and is the subject of ongoing research.