Cornmint has been used for many years across different parts of the world. The name of the plant changes from location to location, so for example, the ingredient is known as Japanese mint as well as field mint among several other names. The plant was historically used to treat digestive problems as well as to prevent nausea among pregnant women.

Origins of Cornmint

Cornmint is mostly found in the Asian continent and especially the Himalayas Region. It is also widely found in various locations in China, where it was historically used as a medicinal herb. It was also widely used in ancient Greece where it was so prevalent it is mentioned in ancient Greek folklore. The herb belongs to the same family as menthol and so many of the benefits that are derived from menthol can also be derived from this plant.

Popular Uses of Cornmint

Cornmint is used for a variety of purposes. In aromatherapy, the herb is known to help uplift the mind and improve a person’s mood. The ingredient is also used to fight acne as it has skin soothing properties. When mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on the lower abdomen, it can help tackle constipation and generally improve digestion. Cornmint is also great for soothing muscle aches when it is rubbed on to the affected area. In plant form, it is edible and can be used as a spice to improve the taste of food.

Health Benefits of Cornmint

Cornmint has a variety of health benefits. Its relaxing properties make it great for reducing stress and creating a positive mood.  Cornmint also is used to decrease inflammation, stop headaches and contains anti-oxidant properties that improve the overall health of a person. Cornmint is also known to improve the circulation of blood by causing blood vessels to dilate and thus ease the flow of blood in the body. This, in turn, helps the body improve its energy levels as there is more oxygen moving around the body.

A Look at Cornmint Essential Oils

Cornmint essential oil is extracted through a process known as steam distillation. The essential oil from Cornmint can be used for some of the purposes we have listed here and is especially good for use on children as the essential oil is dementholised. This makes it mild and safe to use for the delicate skin of children. Cornmint essential oil cannot, however, be applied directly and needs to be mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil to avoid adverse skin reactions. Pregnant women who would like to use this essential oil to combat nausea should consult their doctors for advice before using it.

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