Clementine, a natural hybrid of sweet orange and mandarin, produces an essential oil rich in limonene. Cold-pressed from the clementine peel, this oil has a strong aroma similar to the Wild Orange, but with a subtle note of lemon. Refreshing and sweet, Clementine essential oils have a variety of benefits, which includes its cleansing properties. The citrus aroma helps to improve and lift your mood. Let’s find out more about this popular ingredient:

Origins of Clementine

Clementine essential oil is derived from the Citrus clementina tree. This tree is a mix of the sweet orange trees and the mandarin orange. Clementines are considered pretty unique among the various plants of the Citrus genus. The most-priized clementines are found in places with higher average temperatures such as California and the Mediterranean. Today, there are many clementines grown across the world, and are known for their sweet taste as well as the aromatic essential oil.

Popular Uses of Clementine

Clementine has a number of uses. It can be added into your skincare routine to support an even skin tone as well as a healthy-looking skin. Simply add one drop of the Clementine essential oil to your facial cleanser for a more effective clean. The limonene content also adds value to your cleaning solution at home. It can be applied to various surfaces for an extra cleansing benefit and a sweet citrus aroma.

With clementine, you can enjoy and relax in a warm shower instead of taking a quick wash. Add two to three drops of your favourite shampoo or body wash to enhance cleaning and fill your bathtub with a sweet and refreshing scent. Clementine essential oil can also be used to improve the atmosphere at home, making it lighter and more refreshing by diffusing it.

Health Benefits of Clementine

Clementine is helpful in boosting the immune system, supporting metbolic function, and improving gastrointestinal health. For those who suffer from occassional indigestion or heartburn, it can be extremely beneficial in relieving the symptoms. Clementine essential oil is versatile, as it supports a strong respiratory function as well.

Clementine also has aromatic benefits, such as enhancing positive emotions and elevating one’s mood. Citrus oils in general, such as clementine essential oil, can help reduce anxiety and make you feel more invigorated and refreshed. Diffusing clementine not only helps you feel better emotionally, but it also cleanses and purifies the air around you.

A Look at Clementine Essential Oils

Like all citrus fruits, clementine essential oil is rich in Vitamin C, improving collagen production and supporting the structure of skin. It also includes powerful antioxidants that helps protect against radical damage and enhance the skin’s healing ability to reduce signs of aging. Clementine oil has antioxidants that help maintain healthy and firm skin, as well as aromatherapeutic properties due to its refreshing and light scent.

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