Citronella is a type of grass that can be found in Asia as well the South Pacific. It has an aroma which has been described as lemony and crisp which has given it its name. The essential oil which is derived from it comes from two variants, which are Java and Ceylon. Steam distillation is used on the fresh plant to capture the oil, which is prized for its many wonderful attributes.

Origins of Citronella

Citronella comes from Asia and the islands around the Pacific Rim. It is most popular in Indonesia and China, which also happen to be its main producers. The Java variety is the highest in terms of quality and although the oil was first utilized by Asians its popularity has allowed it to be adopted in both Latin America and Africa.

Popular Uses of Citronella

Like many other essential oils, Citronella can be used in food and drinks, but this is only one of its many potential applications. It is rich in methyl isoeugenol, which means it has strong antibacterial characteristics. Not only is it capable of slaying bacteria, but it will prevent future growth. This is of great importance when treating wounds, as well as afflictions involving the stomach, kidneys, colon or prostate.

Citronella also has antispasmodic and antiseptic attributes, which means it is excellent for the treatment of muscle spasms and well as issues involving the nervous or respiratory system. It provides tremendous relief to women who are suffering from menstrual spasms and cramps. Its antiseptic properties mean that it can prevent cuts or wounds from becoming infected, which prevents the onset of sepsis.

This essential oil also reduces inflammation. It does so through sedation, especially in areas of the digestive system such as the liver or intestines. Inflammation often results from using narcotics or alcohol, as well as consuming spicy foods or toxins entering the body, but Citronella does a superb job of alleviating it.

Health Benefits of Citronella

In addition to bacteria, this essential oil destroys fungus and even insects. This makes it extremely popular in tropical regions where insects are widespread, especially the mosquito, which acts as a vector for a number of serious diseases. It will destroy any fungus it comes into contact with and as with bacteria it will prevent further growth. In particular, it has been found to be highly effective in fungus infections which afflict the throat, ear and nose.

A Look at Citronella Essential Oils

Citronella oil can be used as a natural stimulant, which means it can enhance blood circulation and the behavior of enzymes and hormones. It has been found to strengthen the immune system along with one’s metabolism. It is one of the few essential oils which are considered a tonic, which means it provides multiple benefits simultaneously, particular in the brain, nervous system and body. It has also been found to be lethal against intestinal worms.