There are a variety of ways that you can use essential oils. For example, diffusing, massage, cleaning, etc. However, essential oils should never be used neat on anything, and definitely not on one of your beloved pets. Essential oils are very concentrated and as such they may cause irritation or inflammation to the skin of either yourself or your pets. Some essential oils can be actually toxic to animals, so you need to be sure the preparation and the oil you use is in a diluted form. Animals love licking everything and if they ingest essential oils that have not been diluted appropriately, they run the risk of developing a medical condition. There are ways that essential oils can actually help your pets and here are a few, but before you start, just speak to a veterinarian first to ensure there is no contraindications for them or any health condition they may have. Here is a way you can use essential oils to actually helps your pets.

Eliminate Fleas

Whether you have a dog or a cat, fleas will be the bane of your life. Not only can they bite your beloved pet, but their bite can cause irritation, disease, infection and distress. Essential oils can help eliminate them, as a natural alternative to pesticides or commercial products, although you might need to try a few different remedies to get the right mix for you.

Cedar Oil Is The Best!

Cedar oil is known to expel and eradicate fleas. To use this safely you will need to dilute a few drops in a liter of water. You can either use this as a diffuser or use the mixture as a home cleaner on most surfaces.

Lemongrass Smells Perfect

If you prefer a fresher smell to cedar oil, lemongrass or lemon oil adds zing and freshness to your home. This will not kill or eradicate fleas, but it will reduce the number of fleas that remain in your house. It will also reduce infestation in their secret hideaways.

Help Your Pet’s Fleabites

If your dog has been bitten by fleas, and you will know as it will continue to scratch and lick the area profusely, then you can help soothe the irritation with a little cardamom oil. This oil has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and will help prevent bacteria entering the punctured wound. You should dilute a drop or two of this oil with a carrier oil, such as jojoba carrier oil, and gently massage into the itchy areas of your pet’s skin. You can also use this on yourself if you need to!

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