Incense sticks are made in different ways. There are some that made from fragrant oils and some are made from aromatherapy essential oils.

Incense sticks made from essential oils will be more expensive as oils are not as cheap to produce as synthetic fragrance, that is often used to perfume the incense stick. Incense sticks made with fragrant oils rather than essential oils will soon lose their fragrance and potency, especially if left exposed to sunshine, as the oil will quickly evaporate.

Does It Smell Different?

Unless you are a connoisseur of incense sticks then you may not be able to tell the difference between one made with essential oils and one made with France oil. However, generally essential oils have a heavier note and fragrance oils smell a little bit more chemically.

Additionally, if you press the incense binding at the end of the stick, essential oils will often excrete a little.

Essential oil incense sticks burn more evenly, and the smoke is not an irritant. If your incense stick produces a lot of smoke, you can be sure it has not been made with essential oils.

Different Types of Incense

Incense dos not just come in the form of sticks, you can also find alternative forms of aromatic ways to enhance meditation or perfume your home.

North American Incense

The North Americans often used incense in their rituals and shaman work. These were generally not in the form of incense sticks, but rather in the form of the dried herbs of sage or cedar. The herbs are generally dried out and can be formed into smudge sticks, or they can be burned in a conch shell with charcoal.

Incense Sticks

These come in a huge range of varieties and can be used for different reasons. Some people use incense in their magic or ritualistic work, others use them just to help relax or meditate. Incense sticks can also be used to cover smells or unpleasant aromas.

Incense Cones

Incense can also come in the form of incense cones. These are small cones of aromatic material, much the same as is used to coat the bamboo of the incense stick.

Incense Resin

Resin, such as Frankincense, is often combined with other dried herbs and added to charcoal and lit. This gives a more intense and smoky aroma, but care needs to be taken around children.

De-Stress With Essential Oil Incense Sticks

Just as essential oils have the power to affect your mood, so too can incense sticks if they have been made with essential oils. Although they are associated with spiritual practices more and more people are turning to incense sticks as a natural way to prevent stress and clarity of mind. They make a wonderful natural perfume for the home too! Sandalwood incense is a great favorite for many and the fragrance is long-lasting and exotic.

At Plant Guru we only produce quality incense sticks made with the finest essential oils, so you can be sure of their genuine aroma. We can also provide quality unscented incense sticks, which allows you to mix your own essential oils for a truly personal aroma.