A lot of people are under the impression that eating healthy is expensive, and compared to eating processed foods, it is. This is partly due to government subsidies, and while many people would prefer a more organic diet, the costs of maintaining it push them away. However, with a little bit of knowledge and discipline, it is possible to substantially slash your grocery bill while consuming foods which are delicious and healthy as well.

Keep It Simple With Staples

A lot of people are busy these days and don’t have the time to cook, or so they think. In truth, if you have good time management skills you can fit food preparation into any schedule. The trouble with ready-made meals is that they are almost always processed and due to the labor involved with producing them the costs will always be higher. This is why for the price of one hamburger in most major cities you could buy enough ground beef at the local grocery store to prepare multiple burgers. By sticking to staples, whether it is beef, parsley seeds, rice, grapefruit seed, pasta or potatoes, you will dramatically reduce your food costs, and the food will be healthier since you’re preparing it yourself.

Reduce Your Consumption Of Meat And Dairy

Both meat and dairy are heavily influenced by inflation, so the cost for buying them will almost always be higher than vegetables and non-meat. While it isn’t necessary to become a full blown vegetarian, if you really want to save money on food while you eat healthy, meat and dairy should comprise no more than 15 to 20 percent of your weekly grocery list. This means 80 percent of the food you buy should be non-meat. This includes beans, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice and wheat, all of which are healthier, more cost effective and which can be purchased in bulk.

Reduce Your Consumption of Alcohol

The majority of alcoholic beverages (with the exception of some wines) provide no nutritional value whatsoever. Worst of all, when consumed in excess they can lead to all sorts of health problems, including damage to the liver, and research has shown a link between heavy consumption of alcohol and the development of multiple forms of cancer. When you combine all this with the ridiculously high prices you will pay for a beer in many cities, not including the more exotic alcoholic beverages which are available, this money would be better invested in healthy, great tasting food.

Never Go Grocery Shopping Without A List

If you really want to get serious about eating healthy without spending a lot of money, you should never walk into a grocery store without a list. You should know exactly what you plan to buy when you enter, and you should know how much you’re going to spend.  By shopping this way you will keep your grocery bill under control and within a single year can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which over the course of a decade will turn into tens of thousands.