When it comes to skincare products, one of the oils most frequently used is Macadamia carrier oil.

Applying Oils to Your Skin

The right kinds of oils make excellent nourishment for your skin no matter what your skin type or age. While still in your youth, skin is beautifully plump (because it naturally contains recurring oils) and has a luminosity about it. Your cell turnover declines, however, as you age. That means that your skin’s ability to produce oil does as well.

For age defying skin care, an essential component is the topical application of oils. They improve lipid barrier function and act as a carrier for other ingredients so essential to healthy skin. The lipid barrier is important for keeping skin hydrated and moist.

Not All Oils Are the Same

A comedogenic scale, a rating system of sorts, measures how likely your pores are to become clogged from a specific oil. The ratings range from zero (which does not clog pores at all) to five (which is intolerable by many due to heavy clogging properties).

Particularly if you have problems with acne or frequent breakouts, you should stay to the lower end of the scale. Coconut oil, which is used by a large number of people, is surprisingly high on the scale, at about four or five. The great thing about Macadamia oil is that it is less likely to clog your pores, at about a two or three on the scale.

Skincare Benefits of Macadamia Oil

As suggested, macadamia oil is an ideal ingredient for skincare products. The following benefits or characteristics are offered by this oil:

  • Mild sunscreen characteristics
  • Has a non-greasy effect that is smooth, penetrates well, lubricates, and exhibits excellent spreadability
  • Light and penetrating yet highly emollient, which is perfect for mature or dry skin experiencing a reduced production of sebum
  • Assists with redness and itching because it contains phytosterols
  • Beneficial in healing burns, scratches, and wounds due to its containing Omega-7 or palmitoleic acid
  • Contains naturally occurring vitamin E (even more than olive oil) which helps repair cell damage
  • Creates a natural protective barrier and helps to balance the production of sebum in oily skin thanks to its containing Omega-6 linoleic acid
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
  • Closely mimics the skin’s naturally occurring sebum

What’s so Special about Macadamia Oil?

Macadamia oil contains the perfect ratio of omega-6 to omega-3. This is important because pro-inflammatory characteristics have been assigned to Omega-6, while anti-inflammatory characteristics are a trait of omega-3. For afflictions such as cardiovascular disease or arthritis, the inflammatory properties are highly desirable.

Additionally, many oils have a shorter shelf life because of going rancid relatively quickly. On the other hand, once harvested, macadamia oil is considered stable for up to two years.

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