Essential oils which are concentrated essences of various flowers, fruits, herbs and plants have been used for centuries for medicinal and health benefits. These can be a great addition to your treatment and can bring about other benefits such as stress relief and in disinfecting the air.

How to Use Them

One of the easiest ways to absorb these oils into your system would be to use diffusers or humidifier. Simply place 1-2 drops of oil into your diffuser and relax in a quiet room for at least 20-30 minutes. To get the most out of each session, you could practice deep breathing to inhale more of the aroma.

There are also other ways that you could use to absorb these oils. One such way is to use them as body oil for a 20-30 minutes massage. In order to alleviate headaches, one could massage the oil onto one’s temples and forehead. You could also inhale the scent produced by them by simply placing a few drops of these oils onto cotton pads. Below are the useful essential oils that you could use to alleviate headaches!

Useful Essential Oils in Combating Headaches

There are multiple studies and research that supports the idea that essential oils are helpful towards alleviating certain symptoms. The oils mentioned below are supported by studies in helping alleviate headaches.

  • Eucalyptus Oil: With its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is fantastic in clearing up a stuffy nose, cough or sore throat. This makes it great for those who are suffering with sinus headaches. A 2013 research has also found that Eucalyptus Oil is great at lowering blood pressure and relieving pain when inhaled.
  • Peppermint: Many supplements today contain peppermint, simply because of the great health benefits it offers. The cooling effect from the menthol found in peppermint allows the muscles in the head and neck to relax, providing relief from tension headaches. Multiple studies support the view that massaging or inhaling this essential oil can help with tension headaches
  • Chamomile: With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help to reduce headaches. With the calming effect that Chamomile has, it can be effective in relieving tension headaches as well. Research has shown that it can also help to reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Lavender: This common scent brings about a calming effect on a person when inhaled. Studies have shown that Lavender has the ability to relieve stress, which might reduce muscle tensions in the head and neck. Another benefit of Lavender is that it improves the quality of sleep in people, which might come in useful for people who have headaches due to sleep-deprivation
  • Rosemary: With its anti-inflammatory properties, rosemary oil has been found to be excellent in relieving anxiety and depression, which might be the possible cause of headaches.

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