When it comes to congestion, colds, and coughs, who of us hasn’t tried just about everything on the market in the line of over-the-counter cough drops, cough syrups, sinus medications, and cold medicines? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to try something new that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals and ingredients that fall under the category of “God only knows what”? Untold numbers of informed individuals are using essential oils in spritzer’s, diffusers, as bath oils, in vaporizers, all by themselves, and a plethora of other applications and introductions to combat the common cold and the ailments that accompany it. Using essential oils for coughs is only the beginning of what can be done with these valuable elixirs.

A Respiratory Blend for Sinus Issues

If you are familiar with essential oils and have or would like to explore creating your own mixtures, there is no better time than the present to concoct a homemade respiratory blend for use by you and your loved ones. Benefits of the utilization of this kind of blend can include minimizing seasonal health effects, enhancing your respiratory health, and clearing your airways to ease overall breathing.

One particular recipe includes equal parts of each of these essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and lemon. Application to the bottom of your feet, your back, and your chest is usually the most effective. You can cleanse the air in your home by adding a few drops of this concoction to a diffuser. And it certainly won’t hurt to get a good night’s rest which, thanks to the incredible aroma of this mixture, will be a lot easier.

The Use of a Diffuser In the Delivery of Essential Oils

Utilizing the above respiratory blend or a simpler variation of it in a diffuser also helps to eliminate the germs in your home. Lavender helps with headaches, sinus pain and has an anti-inflammatory. Lemon discourages congestion with detoxifying agents. Eucalyptus soothes respiratory issues as a decongestant. And for congestion related headaches, peppermint does the trick.

Applications for Children’s Cold and Flu Symptoms

When it comes to children, these essential oil methods still apply, but responsible parents will make absolutely sure that the products they are using are safe for youngsters and all organic. Some children suffer chronically from all sorts of crazy allergies so when in doubt, check with your child’s physician before wildly experimenting with these treatments. Before applying any essential oil to your skin or your child’s skin, however, it is recommended that you dilute the essential oils with carrier oils to lessen their effects on the surface of sensitive skin.

There Is No Better Medicine Than Prevention

Even though you now know that you can use essential oils for coughs and colds, there are common, everyday precautions that you should be taking to lessen your chances of infection. Try to maintain a balance of nutritional, healthy foods that will maintain proper energy levels. Especially if you have been exposed to sick people, make sure that you’re getting plenty of rest so that your body can refresh and revitalize itself. And, of course, keep hand sanitizer easily accessible and wash your hands frequently.

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