A lot of people realize that essential oils provide many physical and culinary benefits, but what about mental? Mental health has gained significant attention in the American media in recent years, with experts offering tips on how to combat depression and anxiety, often recommending costly and habit forming prescription drugs. But those in the know recognize that the following essential oils for mood swings are far superior.

Australian Sandalwood

Sandalwood has a therapeutic effect which is best described as being very calming and relaxing. It has an aroma which has been described like a forest, and it also has anti-inflammatory attributes and will reduce pain in those who suffering from conditions like endometriosis.  After a long and hard day, sandalwood will allow it to end on a positive note, giving you a soothing rest.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is sought after for the effects it has on the hair and skin. But aside from this, and its ability to combat acne, infections and chronic pain, when combined with a bath it will produce a soothing experience that can calm you and overcome adverse mood changes.


Vanilla has a number of similarities with peppermint, with a scent that most people enjoy. Although it is most famous for its use in ice cream, vanilla essential oil is far more versatile, can be also be used to lower inflammation while bringing balance to your hormones, which will boost your mood and eliminate stress and anxiety.


Frankincense will be familiar to Christians or anyone who has read the Bible. This is testament to how long it’s been around and in many circles it is referred to as the “emperor of essential oils.” The reason for this is because when consumed it will empower the immune system while acting as a superb moisturizer. Furthermore, Frankincense has an aroma which is quite complex yet delicious, and will allow you to end a hard day in a very soothing way.


Lavender is without a doubt one of the most popular oils on this list, and there is a good reason for that. It provides a whole host of benefits, which surpasses most prescription drugs at a lower price point and without the adverse side effects. Not only will it alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression and stress, it has even been found effective in treating PTSD. Lavender also aids in sleep, making it a natural alternative to sleeping pills. Add in its wonderful scent, and there is no reason you shouldn’t have it in your cabinet.


This essential oil is derived from the flower called chamomile, which is also used to make an outstanding tea. Chamomile has shown excellence in combating infection, but has also been found to relieve depression and rage while enhancing the immune system. Whether you consume it via a cup of tea or through rubbing the oil directly onto your temple, you will find chamomile to have a wonderful scent combined with a soothing effect on your mental well-being.