Yoga is one of the most popular exercises for stress relief, relaxation, and greater flexibility. A number of practitioners have taken the added step of incorporating yoga essential oils into their sessions. These oils can be used in a diverse number of ways and will take the experience to a whole new level.

Cleanliness Is Divine

Dirt and grime have no place on the yoga mat. When present they can disrupt your meditation and movements. To get rid of it you will want to use essential oils such as citrus or lemon which have a pleasant aroma and can be combined with other ingredients in a spray bottle that can be applied to yoga mats and other objects.

Most Popular Essential Oils For Yoga

In addition to lemon, other great essential oils for yoga include peppermint and lavender. These essential oils when inhaled will amplify the emotional well-being that yoga provides, in addition to their many other benefits. Lavender is known for its ability to nourish the skin and its aroma promotes relaxation. When used in your yoga room it will promote serenity and after your session it might even put you to sleep. Best of all, lavender can remove internal tension, which when combined with yoga makes it incredibly effective. Peppermint will energize and enliven you when used aromatically.

Tips For Using Essential Oils During Yoga

To get the most out of these oils during yoga, limit yourself to a maximum of three. The reason for this is because there is a tremendous amount of energy which is utilized during a typical yoga routine, and you don’t want to overload. You must also research the sensitivity of any oils you intend to use to make sure they won’t cause any adverse effects.

When beginning the session you must make a strong connection to your breathing, and this can be done by adding one or two drops of essential oils to your hands and then bringing them close to your face. As you do this keep your eyes closed and concentrate completely on your breathing. Three drops of peppermint can be placed on the mat in the form of a circle. It will create a mantra that will allow you to concentrate while becoming calm. Oil can also be added to your feet to promote relaxation.

Breathe in and out and as you inhale the essential oils which have been blended for your routine. Your active mind must become quiet so that you can concentrate on the goals you have for yoga. Allow your stress to evaporate and embrace all that is positive. The next thing you must do is loosen up your muscles; this is a necessity for any effective yoga session. Your muscles will have maximum flexibility when they are relaxed. Frankincense is the perfect essential oil for this purpose. Allow it to flow along your body, bringing relaxation to your muscles while promoting flexibility.