From old age to working out, sore muscles can develop anytime and anywhere. At times, some types of pains within the muscle or body may cure within a few days or weeks, but most times these sores require proper treatment.

If medicine and pain relievers are no longer effective in one’s treatment, start to explore more natural options like essential oils for easing muscle soreness.

Oils for Swelling, Tension and Pain

Among all the essential oils which help provide good treatment in muscle sores, there are a few which specializes in swelling, tension, and pain. For instance, the Majoram oil, has specific healing properties that relax muscle tension and spasm. It is widely known of the fact that it is good at curing inflammation and easing pain.

Other essential oils that fall under this category would be the Helichrysum oil and Peppermint oil. Helichrysum oil is also good for healing muscle inflammation and pain. Peppermint oil has cooling properties on muscle sores, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and analgesic properties.

In addition to those, there are some essential oils like Lavender, Roman and German, Eucalyptus and Yarrow oil that can be mixed well with one another to further enhance its effects on soothing muscle pain, spasms, inflammation, and tension. These are usually best suited and used for cases where one faces more than one symptom of swelling in the body.

One Symptom Solution

Even though having essential oils that work for multiple symptoms or pains in the body may seem ideal, it is not always necessary to treat them all at once. One can also invest in specific essential oils to treat an issue at a time.

In order to just focus on the relieving of inflammation, bruising, and swelling, essential oils such as Lemongrass oil and Arnica oil, helps greatly in soothing out bruises within the skin, along with reducing swelling or inflammation in the muscle.

For specific pain relief in one’s body, essential oils like the Black Pepper oil, Ginger oil, Clove oil can be used to treat and relieve pain, as well as warm-up one’s body to ease the soreness in a muscle.

However, if one needs to ease just the tension relief in muscles, Juniper, Arnica, Lemongrass and Clary sage oils are suited to best treat muscle spasms and soothe tension in the body.

Ways to Utilize These Oils

After recognizing the specific essential oils useful for the treatment of your pains or muscle sore, one needs to take the extra step in learning how to utilize or apply these essential oils, and when it is best to do so.

Essential oils have strong properties that may damage or cause itchiness to the skin or body. Therefore, if not properly applied, it may evoke serious health concerns.

These essential oils must be mixed with carrier oils before application. For instance, for every 15 drops of essential oil, at least 6 teaspoons of carrier oil must be used.

Keeping that in mind, a few ways one can apply these essential oils is either before or after a workout, when having a relaxing bath, going for a massage, or simply when adding it to a warm or cold compress to the sore.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Before you begin your journey with essential oils, it is vital to consult your physiotherapist or doctor on which essential oil suits you best.

For instance, one can do a skin patch test to analyze the skin and take note of which essential oil they should avoid as it may cause rashes or irritation. It is also good to understand the possible side effects of those oils to ensure a safe application.

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