Shaving our legs is definitely something we want to do when it gets hot but probably not what we love to do. Now that summer time is coming, it is time to bring out those swimsuits and flaunt your legs! But before that, we want to make sure they are bikini and sundress ready.

Amidst all the personal beauty and health products loaded with chemicals and toxic ingredients, it is extremely comforting to be able to find a DIY that works wonders for you. One popular natural ingredient in DIY recipes is coconut oil, which can be used in deodorants, cooking, hair masks, baking, and so much more! Did you know that coconut oil is amazing as shaving oil too? Read on to find out more!

Start Scrubbing First

Before you start shaving, make sure you give your legs a good scrub first. This will allow you to have a closer shave by taking away the dead skin cells. Regularly scrubbing your legs will also prevent the growth of any ingrown hairs.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Commercial shaving creams and gels found in supermarkets and beauty stores carry so many unnatural and chemicals that could cause damage to your body. Compared to those, coconut oil is so much safer. Some benefits of coconut oil are as follows:

  • It is an amazing moisturizer – You no longer have to shave and moisturize at the same time, saving you so much time.
  • It is not expensive – You can get coconut oil at a cheaper price if you purchase it in bulk at Amazon.
  • It has many health benefits – Coconut oil comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties that are super gentle on your skin and will not cause any irritations.

Tips to Remember

Did you know that coconut oil is also a brilliant alternative to shaving gel? Before you begin, keep in mind the following pointers and you are good to go!

  • Do not use a dull blade – Ensure that you are using a sharp razor as it makes the process much easier.
  • Shave at the last part of your shower – At the end of your shower, your body will have softened up. The warm water will allow the oil to seep into your skin easier so that all you need is a close shave.
  • Use fractionated coconut oil – Add the oil into a pump and place roughly 10 drops of essential oils. Although it will not create as many foam as a commercial shave gel, it is still effective.

Adding Essential Oils

When used in the right way, essential oils can have extraordinary healing benefits for not just the skin but general health. Hence, adding the following essential oils together with your shaving oil will enhance the process of shaving due to the benefits it has on the skin.

  • Neroli essential oil helps with the appearance of skin irritations, balances oils, and has antimicrobial functions.
  • German chamomile essential oil is extremely calming and does wonders if you have sensitive skin and helps to reduce the redness.
  • Sandalwood essential oil helps with hydrating and soothing the skin. As it has antiseptic properties, it also minimizes razor burn.