Among the numerous benefits that essential oils offer is the fact that some essential oils are great for your skin. Using DIY facial oil recipes, you can put together an amazing range of skincare products that can help you keep your skin glowing and healthy. Facial oil can be made to work for a wide range of skin types. Whether you have oily skin or are struggling with acne, there are essential oils that you can include in your DIY facial oils to help alleviate any condition. Here are some useful recipes that you can use to get your facial oil right.

Understanding Facial Oils

Facial oil is a multi-purpose skincare product that is produced by mixing a carrier oil with various essential oils. Facial oils can be used for a variety of purposes which is very handy because you only have to apply one single skincare product to get a variety of benefits. Facial oil can help cleanse your skin by removing other makeup that you had applied earlier and also help keep your skin soft and moisturized. Depending on the essential oils used, facial oils can also reduce the effects of aging on your skin and even help with hyperpigmentation. Carrier oils are generated from seeds, nuts and other parts of different plants.

Anti-aging Facial Oil

When it comes to reversing the effects of aging on your face, one of the best essential oils to use is Rosehip Seed essential oil. This oil has a variety of vitamins including Vitamin A, E, and C. it also has retinoic acid which is a well-known anti-aging compound. Simply add a few drops of this essential oil to a carrier oil and begin to enjoy the benefits of your anti-aging face oil. Alternatives to Rosehip Seed essential oil include lavender essential oil as well as Frankincense essential oil

Anti-breakouts Facial Oil

If you struggle with skin breakouts, then a facial oil made with Tea Tree essential oil can offer some relief to you. Tea Tree Essential oil contains antibacterial properties that help to ward off breakouts. This essential oil also helps to speed up wound healing meaning that your breakouts disappear much faster than they normally would. You can also use this essential oil to control eczema and other types of skin inflammation.

Facial Oil for Softer, Supple Skin

If you are looking for soft and supple skin, consider carrot seed essential oil as part of your face oil ingredient. This powerful essential oil helps with the regeneration of skin tissue which is the process by which the body removes scars from the skin. The result is a smooth and blemish-free skin that looks radiant. In addition to its cell rejuvenation properties, carrot seed oil also helps to reduce inflammation and reverse the effects of aging on your skin.

When you are looking to make facial oil using essential oils, it is important to test the effect of a particular combination before going all out. This is because our skin reacts differently to various essential oils. Testing helps you to understand the quantities that are required to achieve the skincare objective that you have in mind.